Dry July done and dusted!

Dry July done and dusted!

For 31 days over the month of July I went without a drop of alcohol and I’m not going to lie, it was tough. There were times when I was tempted to throw in the towel and pick up my favourite bottle of red from my local Bottle-O.

But now that I am reunited with my beloved shiraz and I reflect on the month that was, I’m happy that I didn’t give up and persisted with my goal of going booze free for Dry July.

So how did I go? Here’s a quick rundown of the successes I had along the way:

1. Enjoyed better Sundays

Something that I’ve always hated about having a big Saturday night is the Sunday morning repercussions. It’s been great to enjoy a month of actually making the most out of my Sundays by doing things I normally wouldn’t do like babysitting my nephew, going on bushwalks and finally giving my apartment a proper spring clean.

2. Lived healthier

Without alcohol I had much more energy to exercise and definitely found I was making more use out of my gym membership and even joined a weekly netball comp. The only downside, I have to admit, was without any booze my diet suffered as I started to crave those sugary drinks and chocolate delights as a substitute.

3. Fundraised

Of course, the whole point of Dry July is to raise funds for those living with cancer. Over the month I raised $310, which definitely makes it all the more rewarding to know that the money is going towards improving the facilities at my local hospital’s cancer ward.

4. Saved

The last major benefit of partaking in Dry July was the money I saved. Alcohol is expensive, so when I calculate how much I would drink on average, in any given month I have easily saved $200, if not more.

Did you give up alcohol this Dry July 2015? We’d love to hear how you went in the comments below!


Dry-July-thumbHow I’m going to survive Dry July

If you’re giving up your much beloved Friday night drinks and Sunday arvo brews for the month of July, follow these top tactics for booze-free success:

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