Electricity price rise set to hit South Australia from July 1

South Australians may need to prepare for a bill chill at the end of winter as three major power providers - AGL, EnergyAustralia and Origin Energy have revealed their plans to hike electricity prices in the state, which could add up to hundreds of dollars extra to the average household annual power bill.  

The tariff changes will be effective starting July 1 and are part of the annual energy review where energy retailers in SA, NSW, QLD and ACT revise their price structures based on a number of factors such as changes in network, metering, wholesale and renewable energy costs.    

The energy retailers have claimed that one of the main reasons for the larger than normal electricity price rise this July is the cost and availability of coal and gas supply for electricity generation as well as the changing mix of generation output. Another factor for driving up wholesale electricity costs is the closure of the 60 year old coal fired Port Augusta power stations.

South Australia has been making a rapid shift towards green energy solutions in recent years and according to state premier, Mr Jay Weatherill, the push for switching to renewable power is causing a short-term pressure on energy prices.     

"We're working on solutions and the reality is we're first into what the rest of the nation and the rest of world is going to have to do and that is to have a cleaner electricity system," he told ABC News.

Energy providerAverage electricity price rise
AGLExpected increase of 10%, which could lead to an annual hike of around $230 to the average electricity bill.
EnergyAustraliaHouseholds could see a rise of around $260 on the average annual bill.
Origin EnergyExpected spike of 6.5%, which would amount to around $117 extra per year.

Source: ABC News

How to switch and save on electricity bills

Treasurer Tom Koutsantonis, said the increase would affect one in two SA families and has urged South Australians to shop around and look for a cheaper energy plan.

According to Mozo calculations, currently there is a difference of $198 per quarter between the cheapest and most expensive plan for a 3-person household in Adelaide. Consumers can use Mozo’s free award-winning electricity comparison tool, which lists the best energy deals for every postcode. The tool includes updated electricity prices so that residents can compare energy plans based on the latest tariff structures and corresponding savings.

For further updates on electricity price changes across other states and providers, keep a close eye on our energy news section and read our guides for top tips on making your home energy efficient.

*The individual price rise for every household could vary significantly based on the household’s energy plan and usage.


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