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Paying too much on your electricity bill? Mozo helps you compare electricity plans available in South Australia and see if switching providers could save you money.

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Best electricity providers South Australia

With the increasing use of electronics in your daily life it’s important to have an efficient electricity plan for your home. Fortunately, if you live in South Australia, you have the power to choose your electricity provider and switch to a different plan at any time if you think it could save you money.

If you’re worried that comparing electricity plans would take up too much time and effort, think again. Mozo’s savvy online tool can help you shortlist electricity retailers in your area from the comfort of your couch. Just feed in your SA postcode and the tool will instantly give you a list of some of the providers and plans depending on your consumption patterns and preferences.

How does Mozo’s electricity comparison tool work in South Australia?

Many people across South Australia are paying hundreds more than they should for their power bills. Comparing energy providers and plans is one of the best ways to save money on your rising gas and electricity bills. Mozo compares a range of  energy plans and energy providers across SA. With our online comparison tool, it is now easier than ever to find out how much you can save by switching energy providers.

As energy providers often change their pricing and plans, if you’ve never compared your electricity provider before, chances are you may be missing out on a better deal. Mozo could help you save hundreds of dollars a year by finding and switching to a more competitive deal in your area. The exact number of energy providers that you can choose from will depend on where you live, as different providers service different areas across Adelaide and regional SA.

Your electricity bill is based on factors such as where you live, your usage charges and your plan options. With Mozo’s electricity comparison tool, you can filter results based on these preferences as these factors will most likely affect the cost of your electricity. To find a cheap energy plan in South Australia, simply enter your postcode so that we can provide you with a list of some of the deals available near you. Electricity prices vary by region so by telling us where you are, we can look up which providers in our database service your area. If you have a recent bill handy, you can even enter your actual usage to improve the accuracy of the results. 

What are the important features that I should look at while choosing a good electricity plan?

While it’s great to have a choice, sometimes such a wide range of providers to pick from can also be a little confusing, especially with each of them trying to offer all kinds of incentives with their plans. That’s why, you need to be careful on what the different deals and discounts actually translate into as far as your regular bills are concerned. 

Here are a few points for you to keep in mind as you go through a list of SA electricity providers:

Limited time offers. Like we said, there could be some offers like a one time discount of $50 on your first bill, which may sound very tempting, but you’ve got to think beyond the introductory period. If the cost for this plan is going to be $50 more than the cheapest plan for every subsequent bill, then you may not want to consider this as an option.

Regular discounts. Watch out for conditional offers that give you a discount every time you fulfil a pre-decided condition like paying your bills on time, or special offers for setting up a direct debit account. Work out which deal is best for you and then
make a choice. 

Green energy. Electricity providers in South Australia offer a number of ways in which you can support the clean energy industry in Australia. From installing solar panels to sponsoring electricity produced from renewable sources instead of coal, you can choose from a number of green options. 

Dual fuel services. Last but not the least, when you are picking an electricity plan, many energy providers in South Australia will give you the option to go for a single electricity plan or a dual fuel package. They may also offer a discount if you were to bundle your service with gas. But while it is convenient to have both your services attached with one retailer, it may not always be the cheapest option. If budget is top priority, you should compare single as well as dual fuel plans before deciding on anything.

How much does electricity cost in South Australia?

Your electricity bills are a combination of a number of things such as your location and your actual consumption. Every electricity bill in SA will have:

A fixed supply charge. This is a price that you pay to have electricity delivered to your property. It covers the poles, wires and is priced at a per day rate.

Usage charges: This is charged per kilowatt hour of usage and naturally depends on the amount of electricity you are using at home.

How can I reduce my electricity bill?

First of all, it’s a good idea to take a careful look at the gadgets you are using at home and which ones are eating maximum power. You will find that sometimes making small changes like not leaving your laptop on charge all night or switching to energy efficient light globes can go a long way. If you want some more inspiration to get started, head over to our energy savings tips hub for more ideas.

The other thing you can do is compare the electricity providers and see if you can find a cheaper provider or even a better plan with the same provider. Chances are, more competitive deals have come up since you signed up for your account.

More SA electricity FAQs

I’m moving to South Australia, can you help me find a good electricity plan?

Yes, we can help you pick a cheap electricity provider for your new home by giving you a shortlist of electricity retailers in Adelaide as well as regional areas of South Australia. Just give us your postcode and our comparison tool will work its magic by crunching the data we have collected on South Australian suburbs based on average costs and usage for that area. 

How many electricity providers can I choose from in South Australia?

The precise number of electricity providers that you can choose from will depend on the suburb you live in and the retailers that operate in that area. Here are some of the electricity providers in South Australia that you can compare using Mozo’s service:

  • AGL
  • Alinta Energy
  • Commander Power and Gas
  • Dodo Power and Gas
  • Energy Australia
  • Origin Energy
  • Powerdirect

While we do not compare every single plan on the market, we certainly try to compare a wide selection of the plans that are available if you sign up as a new customer.

Who is the best electricity provider in SA?

Every house uses a different combination of electronics and the frequency with which these are used also varies. So while a working couple may hardly be using any electricity at home, a family with kids could be using a lot more energy guzzling gadgets. That’s why, the plan that turns out to be the best for you depends on your usage and priorities. 

You can shortlist electricity providers in South Australia by focusing on your preferences such as cost, customer service and green energy. Start off by getting a list of some electricity providers in your area through Mozo’s energy comparison tool. Then read electricity reviews that we’ve collected from customers of electricity providers in SA so you can get the opinion of real people who have used these services before.

How long does it take to switch energy providers in SA?

Switching your electricity provider in South Australia is a relatively easy process. You can simply request for a transfer online or via phone and your new provider should take care that the switch happens smoothly. However, the time it will take for you to start receiving bills from your new retailer can vary from a few days to three months depending on when your meter was last read.

If you are moving premises, it’s usually required to give 2-5 business days notice to your energy provider so that they can move your electricity account before you do. Make sure you fulfil any other requirements like providing free access to the electricity meter so that you don’t end up moving into a house with no electricity.

Will I have to pay extra to switch my electricity provider?

This is where it is important to consider the terms of your contract with the provider. If you are on an open contract, you will not need to pay an extra fee for switching your electricity retailer. But, if you are on a fixed term plan, you may have to spend some extra money to exit the contract early. If you are moving premises, many electricity retailers in South Australia charge a connection fee for setting up the service to your new address. This cost will generally be added to your first bill.

How does Mozo make money?

Mozo makes money by helping energy providers connect with customers, like you, who are looking for a great energy deal. Most importantly our service is totally free to use and it is the energy providers competing for your business that pay Mozo, not you!

Mozo shares a fee with our partner, CIMET, who helps provide this service. This fee is paid when you complete an application and switch energy providers using our service.  Mozo may also earn revenue when energy providers purchase display advertising on our site or when we help them use the all the great data we’ve collected.

*To calculate the potential savings figure Mozo identified the lowest plan provided by Mozo and highest cost plan in each energy distributor state region based on the average residential usage in that state. The costs data used across the state is current at 17 August 2020. Not all plans will be available via the Mozo energy comparison service. Your individual usage and location, along with which plan you are on and which plans are available on the Mozo site at any given time, will vary the savings you may be able to achieve using the Mozo energy comparison service.

Electricity Provider Reviews

EnergyAustralia Electricity
Overall 10/10
Offers great pricing with great customer support

Has always been a great provider and have been with them for over 10 years. Will never sway from Energy Australia. Great customer support with Australian people to talk to.

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Has always been a great provider and have been with them for over 10 years. Will never sway from Energy Australia. Great customer support with Australian people to talk to.

Bill clarity
Customer service
Green Friendly
Peter, South Australia, reviewed 7 days ago
AGL Electricity
Overall 8/10
Second to none

AGL have always been cooperative, friendly and able energy suppliers. They have always attended to my needs and actioned my complaints.

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AGL have always been cooperative, friendly and able energy suppliers. They have always attended to my needs and actioned my complaints.

Green Friendly
Earle, Victoria, reviewed 7 days ago
Origin Energy Electricity
Overall 9/10
interested in changing

dont know enough about them they all buy from the company that i have and i am very happy with

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dont know enough about them they all buy from the company that i have and i am very happy with

Bill clarity
Customer service
Green Friendly
Sherrynne, Queensland, reviewed 7 days ago

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