Enova improves its energy sourcing with extended Diamond partnership

Solar panels in field with blue sky above

Enova Energy and Diamond Energy have announced an expansion of their long-term partnership. The expansion will allow the community-owned Enova Energy to improve its energy sourcing and enhance its distributed renewable energy generation and storage projects.

Felicity Stening, Enova’s chief executive explained: “With Enova currently sourcing approximately 50% of its energy from its customers’ roof tops, we’ll now have Diamond Energy’s renewable energy projects to cover the remainder.”

Enova Energy is Australia’s first community-owned power company, with a strong focus on its customers, communities and the welfare of the planet, while Diamond Energy is a beyond carbon neutral company, sourcing more renewables than their customers use.

The expansion of the partnership between both energy companies will allow Enova to make use of Diamond’s stores of renewable energy.

What is community-owned renewable energy?

Community-owned renewable energy projects decarbonise and decentralise our energy system through the use of renewable energy technologies. Instead of relying on the major power companies for electricity, a community-owned renewable power project draws on participating members of the community to produce clean energy, which is then redistributed within that same community.

By engaging the community, the energy produced from within can be utilised throughout the residences of the group or on-sold for profit should there be an excess, allowing the project to support itself.
From something as simple as solar-panels on rooftops, to a more complex system such as wind turbines, a community-owned renewable energy project can consist of a number of different implements to fulfil the needs or desires of its owners and members.

Benefits of community-owned renewable energy projects

There are a number of major power providers who have shifted towards renewable energy or carbon-offsetting, but supporting or participating in a community-owned project can support a number of local causes, including:

  • Strengthen local economy
  • Directly reduce a communities carbon footprint
  • Engage and empower a community in a shared project.

A community-owned renewable energy project can also scale for whatever size community is behind the project, whether it be a small group or a large township allowing the operators to save on cost and reinvest funds back into the project and the community at large.

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