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Find out how much you could save by switching gas plans. Mozo can help you compare gas plans from a range of providers that service NSW.

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Best gas providers NSW

Gas prices in NSW are on the rise and if you’ve got gas heating, hot water or other appliances that work on gas, it is worth comparing gas companies to see whether you could save by switching.

In New South Wales, you’re not limited to your existing gas provider, you can choose who you connect with. It can be the same company that offers your electricity service or it could be a completely separate provider. Mozo can help you to compare gas deals in your area.

If you are after deals for power, head over to our NSW electricity hub. 

Where is gas available in NSW?

Gas is available throughout New South Wales. If you want to connect gas to your property you can find out if it is available in your street by visiting the Australian Gas Network website.

If you already have a gas connection and you’re wondering which gas providers offer services in your area, you can use the Mozo gas comparison tool at the top of this page to find a range of available providers in your postcode.

NSW gas providers, what are my choices?

The choice of gas provider will depend on where you live as different providers service different areas. Mozo compares a range energy providers that offer gas services in NSW including:

  • ActweAGL
  • AGL
  • Energy Australia

While we do not compare every single plan on the market, we certainly compare a wide selection of the plans that are available if you sign up as a new customer.

If you want to read customer reviews for NSW gas providers head on over to our gas reviews section where real customers have rated their gas provider on everything from price, customer service through to trust.

How much does gas cost in NSW?

The cost of your gas service will depend on where you live and how much gas you consume.

Every gas bill in NSW will have:

  • supply charges: this is a fee that you pay to have your gas service connected to your home. It will be priced at a per day rate for the billing period.
  • usage charges: charged per megajoule of usage. The tariff you pay will depend on the type of gas meter that is installed at your property.

To get an estimate of the cost of gas for your home, plug in your postcode into the comparison tool on this page.

What should I look for when comparing gas plans?

In addition to the tariffs and supply charges there are other considerations when choosing a new gas plan.

Look out for:

  • special offers. Many gas providers in New South Wales want your business and at certain times of the year offer special discounts or deals to new customers. Just make sure that with any special offer you first compare the plans based on cost and then compare on the best incentive. You don’t want to find yourself signing up for a deal to get $25 off your first gas bill if that provider is actually going to cost you $100 more a quarter than the cheapest plan.
  • Conditional discounts. Gas providers are keen for you to pay your bills on time so many providers in NSW have incentives that give you discounts off your bill if you pay your gas bill on time or have direct debit bill payment set up.
  • Contract length. Some gas providers will give you the option to fix your contract length in order to get higher discounts. Only think about fixing if you are sure you will not move or need to break the contract, otherwise you could be up for exit fees.

Other FAQs about Gas in NSW

Should I bundle my gas service with my electricity provider?

In New South Wales, there are a number of energy providers that offer both gas and electricity services and will give you a discount for dual fuel plans. While this can be a convenient option as you only have to deal with the one supplier, it may not necessarily be your cheapest option. Be sure to compare dual fuel plans as well as single service plans if price is a major factor in your decision making.

Are there ways I can reduce my gas bill?

You can reduce your gas bill by using less gas or switching gas plans. Chances are that if you’ve been on the same gas plan for more than 12 months, there is a newer plan in the market which could help you to save money. Mozo’s price comparison tool is free to use so why not try it now and see how much you can save?

If you are looking for ways to lower your gas usage, check out our energy savings tips hub for ideas.

How long will it take to switch my gas supply?

It will depend on where you live in NSW and when your last meter read was. The switching process will take place on your next meter read. You can sign up for your new service now, but you may not receive your first bill from your new provider for several months after you switch.

Moving house? You can usually get a new gas account and service set up within a few days.

Will I have to pay anything to switch gas providers?

If you are on an open contract with your current gas supplier you will not have to pay anything to switch. Some fixed rate gas plans in NSW will have exit fees if you switch before the end of the contract. Call your current provider to see if you will need to pay any exit fees before switching.

For anyone moving house or renting a new property, you may be required to pay a connection fee at your new address. Generally this is not an upfront cost, it will be added to your first gas bill.

How does Mozo make money?

Mozo makes money by helping energy providers connect with customers, like you, who are looking for a great energy deal. Most importantly our service is totally free to use and it is the energy providers competing for your business that pay Mozo, not you!

Mozo shares a fee with our partner, CIMET, who helps provide this service. This fee is paid
when you complete an application and switch energy providers using our service.  Mozo may also earn revenue when energy providers purchase display advertising on our site or when we help them use the all the great data we’ve collected.

Picture of Ceyda Erem
Ceyda Erem
Money writer

Ceyda Erem was Mozo’s lead energy writer as well as covering personal finance across the site until May 2021. She put her research and writing talents into stories that helped our readers to make more informed financial choices, whether that’s about finding the best energy deal or writing about the latest sneaky bank tricks. Ceyda has a Bachelor of Arts (major in writing) from Macquarie University. She is also  ASIC RG146 (Tier 2) certified for general advice.

*To calculate the potential savings figure Mozo identified the lowest plan provided by Mozo and highest cost plan in each energy distributor state region based on the average residential usage in that state. The costs data used across the state is current at 17 August 2020. Not all plans will be available via the Mozo energy comparison service. Your individual usage and location, along with which plan you are on and which plans are available on the Mozo site at any given time, will vary the savings you may be able to achieve using the Mozo energy comparison service.

Gas Provider Reviews

Overall 10/10

Agl are excellent when it comes to any type of financial hardship and always willing to assist in hard times. Bills are reasonable for a single household too.

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Agl are excellent when it comes to any type of financial hardship and always willing to assist in hard times. Bills are reasonable for a single household too.

Bill clarity
Customer service
Sabrina, Victoria, reviewed 26 days ago
ActewAGL Gas
Overall 9/10
Reliable service

Good, quick reliable service. Easy to deal with and service person is always very polite and friendly.

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Good, quick reliable service. Easy to deal with and service person is always very polite and friendly.

Bill clarity
Customer service
Green Friendly
Judy, Victoria, reviewed about 2 months ago
Red Energy Gas
Overall 9/10
Go Red

Great rates on gas, customer service is excellent and have never had to wait on hold for too long.

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Great rates on gas, customer service is excellent and have never had to wait on hold for too long.

Bill clarity
Customer service
Green Friendly
Alison, South Australia, reviewed about 2 months ago

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