10 travel essentials for your European summer trip

Just like so many Aussies, I’m escaping the cold weather and seeking refuge in Europe this summer. After multiple trips there, I’ve picked up a lot of handy travel tips and tricks, including what to bring!

So, let’s get into the 10 items I’ve bought that I highly recommend for a summer holiday in Europe. We can call them European essentials!

Packing cubes

If you’re a serial overpacker or just find it hard to organise your luggage, packing cubes are an essential. Not only are they pretty cheap and easy to use, they also make it easy for you to find specific items and help compress your clothing to fit more in.

Turkish towel

  • A beach towel is a necessity for a summer holiday. While some hotels may supply beach towels, it’s worth taking your own to be safe. To reduce the space taken up in your suitcase, a Turkish Towel is probably the best option.


    If you’re an avid reader, buying a Kindle or e-reader to take on holiday is a great option. You definitely don’t want to be lugging multiple books around. The Kindle is great for long flights or train trips or for relaxing on the beach. (Another option is to buy an iPad or tablet and use that for books).

    While these devices can be quite expensive, there are some cheaper options including second hand products.

    For my trip, I ordered a second hand Kindle which only cost me $70 on eBay. There are also lots of options on Amazon and JB Hi-Fi.

    Airpod Pros

    Headphones of some sort are essential for travel. For this trip, I decided to invest in AirPod Pros because I wanted the noise cancelling mode while on the plane. If you prefer overhead or wired headphones, or just want a cheaper wireless option, there are lots of alternatives. (I will also be taking my Apple EarPods to plug in to the TV on the plane).

    Here are some alternatives to AirPods:

    Water Bottle

    It’s not great taking a typical 1L bottle all the way to Europe. So, I bought a 500ml insulated bottle. Even if you’re not someone who drinks a lot of water, it’s important to stay hydrated when flying. It will also save you money on buying disposable plastic bottles. (Bare in mind, you can’t drink the tap water in places like the Greek Islands so it may be worth investing in a bottle with a filter.)

    This is the bottle I bought and here are some other options for you to check out:

    Power Bank

    As someone who gets stressed about their phone dying, especially when in a foreign country, a power bank is an essential travel item. Consider that you’re likely going to be using maps and taking lots of photos.

    This is the one I bought but there are lots of different options at different price points from Amazon and JB Hi-Fi.

    Universal Power Adaptor

    Power points in most other countries are different to the power points we have in Australia. So, if you’re going to Europe you’ll have to buy an adaptor that allows you to plug your device into an EU powerpoint. If you’re also going to the UK, they also have a different outlet so you’ll need a separate adaptor. To avoid buying and carrying around two separate ones, it may be worth buying a universal adaptor that comes with all of the possible outputs.

    This is the one I bought and again, there are lots of different options available at Amazon.


    Two sunscreens can be a good idea - one specifically for the body and one the face. It’s worth investing in a good quality sunscreen that you enjoy wearing, so I tend to spend a bit more, especially when it comes to a face sunscreen. SPF50+ sunscreens are much less common in Europe, so I recommend buying one ahead of time. You can find sunscreen options at your local chemist or at Woolworths,  Adore Beauty or Sephora.

    Here are my face and body sunscreen recommendations:

    Walking Shoes

    Comfortable walking shoes are essential for a European holiday, especially if you’re visiting big cities such as London, Paris or Rome. If you don’t already have a pair of comfortable walking shoes, get them before you go. For my trip, I bought a new pair of comfortable white sneakers that can be worn with anything. These are the shoes I bought but Foot Locker and The Iconic have a wide range of sneakers to choose from.


    As well as being a fashion accessory and a way to keep your hair out of your face, sunglasses protect you. Check out the range of sunnies at Ray-ban (they are currently having an EOFY sale so you could score a discount), Sunglasses Hut (they are also having a sale so you may be able to get up to 50% off) and The Iconic (various models are also on sale at the moment).

    Another travel necessity is travel insurance. While it’s not something you can pack in your suitcase, it’s an essential because it provides you with security and peace of mind in case something goes wrong. Compare travel insurance policies at Mozo to find one that’s right for you.

    Now that you’ve got all the essentials, happy holidaying!