Hot deals on cold weather clothes: Where to shop winter clothes on sale

warm clothes hanging up

The weather in Australia is finally getting cooler as winter closes in.

If your wardrobe is lacking, it may be time to go shopping for some new winter items.

But winter clothes can be expensive, especially if you want a good quality coat to keep you toasty on a cold day.

If you’re on a budget and want bang for your buck, we have all the information you need for hot deals ahead of the cooler months!

Retailers having sales

Our top clothing picks

Winter Coats/Jackets:



Women's Threadbare Mid Length Borg Coat in Tan for $34.50 (Retail price: $124)
  • Get this fuzzy warm winter coat from ASOS 72% off!
Men's Rochester Wool Melton Coat in Charcoal for $149.97 (Retail price: $249.95)
  • Get this fashionable winter coat from Myer for $100 off original price

Puffer Jackets



The North Face Hyalite Down Hooded Jacket for $228 (Retail price: $380)
  • Get this puffer jacket that is sure to keep you warm from The North Face 40% off
Jack & Jones Longline Puffer Jacket with Hood for $48.50 (Retail price: $150)
  • Get this padded puffer jacket 67% off from ASOS




Women's Active 1/4 Zip Polar Fleece Jumper for $28 (Retail price: $35)
  • Get this fleece jumper from Target for $7 off retail price
Maddox Seth Sherpa Hoodie for $59.97 (retail price: $99.95)
  • Get this zip up hoodie for almost $40 off retail price.