eBay predicts Aussies will spend $621 million online on home improvements in 2019

Rhianna Dews

29 Mar 2019

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With National DIY Day coming up on the 6 April, eBay has revealed that online shopping for home improvements is set to skyrocket in 2019, predicting that Aussies will spend a whopping $621 million just this year alone.

Whether they save up for it, put it on a piece of plastic or take out a low rate personal loan, one thing we know for sure is that Aussies are going wild with their home renovation projects at the moment.

eBay data unveiled a 40% increase in online shopping in the home improvement category over the past 5 years, sparked by the rise in home reno shows and the ‘generation rent’ mindset that their homes should evolve and change to reflect their life experiences.

With over 11­-million Aussies on eBay a month, according to eBay Australia Trendwatcher, Julie Nestor, “Whether people are keeping up with home renovation shows or choosing to spruce up their homes rather than moving house, it’s great to see how they’re using eBay to give love to their homes.”

eBay’s top home improvement trends for 2019

Whether you’re just looking to spruce up your space with a bit of Marie-Kondo magic, or whether you’re up for the challenge of a full-scale Block-inspired home renovation, here are some of eBay’s top home improvement trends for 2019.

Space-saving spending:

With property prices still sky high, new apartment blocks seem to be popping up on every corner and Aussies are downsizing their humble abodes now more than ever.

With less storage space to work with, there’s no wonder why everyone’s making such a fuss over Marie Kondo’s declutter magic and adopting her origami-like laundry folding methods. In 2018 alone, Aussies forked out a whopping $48,000 on small space storage solutions.

Resort-inspired rattan decor:

If your last tropical holiday inspired you to spice up your house with some island-vibe decor, then you’re in luck, cause rattan is back in style! According to eBay’s data, rattan furniture sales seem to increase by about 34% each year!

Where the magic happens:

Well, well, it appears that Aussies favourite room to tweak and spruce up is the bedroom. eBay’s data revealed that over the past 12 months the highest number of homewares/interior items purchased on eBay was for the bedroom, but the kitchen closely followed being the fastest growing home improvement category on eBay.

Wages on walls:

Instead of a splash of paint Aussies are now choosing to make a splash with bold wallpapers, spending over $50,000 on them in 2018. With a yearly increase of 8%, it’s become quite clear that the wallpaper trend isn’t going away any time soon!

Now we all know that renovation costs can creep up faster than you can say ‘pass the screwdriver!’ So, here’s how you can follow eBay’s list of top home improvement trends for 2019, without hurting your wallet!

  • • Set a budget: Use our super handy budget calculator to work out a solid budget for your home renovation costs and make sure you stick to it! It’s no secret that home improvement costs can get out of hand very quickly, so do make a conscious effort to follow your budget to a T.
  • • Itemise your list: Write up a list of any tools or materials you’ll need to buy for your home reno project in order of priority. This way you can keep track of your purchases and avoid any unnecessary spends.
  • • Look for a cheap personal loan: If you plan on funding your home reno project with a personal loan, hunt around for one with a low-rate and flexible features.

So if you’re creative home improvement juices are flowing, but your current financial situation’s holding you back, then be sure to check out our personal loan comparison table to find the right loan to fund your power project! Have a flick through our home reno guides to ensure your project runs smoothly!

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