Spain rated top country for travel and tourism competitiveness

The 2015 Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Index by the World Economic Forum has been released, revealing the countries that effectively use their travel and tourism sector to drive sustainable economic and social benefits.

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Taking out the top spot overall, according to eGlobal Travel Media, Spain led the way when it came to providing cultural resources and came in fourth for its ability to support online searches for entertainment, as well as being described as having “excellent” infrastructure.

The outcome is a positive sign for Spain’s recovery, moving up from fourth overall in the index in 2013. France took out second followed by Germany, USA, Britain, Switzerland.

“The diversity in the top 30 shows that a country does not have to be wealthy to have a flourishing tourism sector,” said Roberto Crotti, economist at the World Economic Forum.

Australia has also seen tourism improvements moving up to seventh position from 11th in 2013. This year, Singapore took out the 11th spot, while closer to home New Zealand ranked 16th.

The Index rated 141 countries and the lease competitive country in the world was found to be the African nation of Chad.

Crotti said that many countries should still do more to tackle travel and tourism challenges, including “visa policies, better promotion of cultural heritage, environmental protection and ICT readiness. This in turn would drive economic growth and the creation of jobs.”