Best Australian online bookstores for 2022

Collage of hands all reaching for a book.

Sometimes holiday magic is curling up in a quiet corner with a book, warm sun on your face with a tasty cup of tea. Can you smell the fresh paper already?

So in the spirit of reading, giving a thoughtful Christmas gift, and supporting local, independent sellers, here are some of the best online bookstores in Australia to order from.

Collage of flowers growing from a vintage book.


Kinokuniya’s stunning Sydney location has garnered a worthy reputation for fulfilling book lovers' dreams. But if you don’t have time to get lost among the new-book smells and stacks in-store, check out their online store for unique titles, new and old.

Berkelouw Books

Berkelouw Books carries new and vintage editions, complete with all the poetry, nonfiction, and quirky lil’ gifts in a cosy Sydney bookstore. Browse online for reading inspiration, or visit one of their locations to wander shelves of secondhand spines.  


Booktopia makes a reliably excellent option for swift deliveries and sheer diversity of genres. Catch up on the latest bestsellers, or dive through the bargain bin for some diamonds in the rough. Its website also features sections for gift ideas, puzzles, and even audiobooks!


Classics are classic for a reason. Dymocks is a well-known Australian brand great for everything books. Explore curated lists for every kind of reader, from educational to Pride to kids. You can even nab trending titles from TikTok through the #BookTok hub.

Boomerang Books

As an independent bookseller highlighting Australian talent, Boomerang Books is great for readers keen to suss out the next generation of Aussie writers. Catch their blog for in-depth reviews on standout titles if you’re looking to add to your reading list. 


This Melbourne-based, independent book retailer won Australian Book Retailer of the Year in 2021 and 2020, for good reason! With reviews, events, gift ideas, and heaps of genres, Readings’ online store caters to bibliophiles of all ages. 

Magabala Books

Magabala Books looms large with an impressive mission, history, and record of excellence for Australian Indigenous publications. Order Bruce Pascoe’s celebrated Dark Emu straight from the source, or browse a library of colourful titles for kids, poets, and curious minds. Allies and mob welcome!

Spineless Wonders

Seeking something short and snappy? Spineless Wonders stands out for its incredible catalogue celebrating short fiction and microlit. Pick up a short story collection or tune in to the latest podcast – if you’re feeling inspired, rock up to one of their many literary events. 

After all, book people are the best people (indisputable fact).

Bonus! If it’s anywhere, it’s on Amazon Kindle

If you’re saving room on your shelf, go paperless with the endless possibilities of the Amazon Kindle Bookstore. Unearth a hidden gem, guilty pleasure, or a literary classic from the archives and swipe away. You don’t even need a custom e-Reader for your books – just download the Kindle app on your smartphone.

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