Black Friday Quick Guide: Time to start saving for your Christmas shop

Sale sign in store window

With Christmas time fast approaching, shopping for gifts is around the corner. Whether you’re planning to take advantage of Black Friday deals or holding off until further festive sales, there are 3 things you need to do:

  • Get your savings in order 
  • Plan your shopping 
  • Check for Black Friday deals

Yes, Black Friday and other festive sales events offer a great opportunity to pick up deals on stocking stuffers you’re intending to get for Christmas. But it pays (or saves!) to get in early.

Check your expenses and budget

The holiday season can quickly become one of the more expensive periods of the year. 

That’s before you add in any holidays you may be taking, as well as New Year’s celebrations. 

If you don’t get your savings in order in time for Christmas, you’ll find costs can quickly spiral out of control. You can type into a spreadsheet, use one of many handy money management apps around now such as Frollo, or simply go old school and write your incomings and outgoings down on paper.

Getting a savings and spending checklist in place is integral to being money ready for pre-Christmas sales.

Plan your Black Friday shop

If you can pick up Christmas presents at a discounted price, Black Friday is a no-brainer. But what exactly are you after? Going in blind to Black Friday could be costly because there are loads of deals and they’ll come thick and fast!

Don’t mess about - write down a list of what you want, who it’s for and where you’re looking to purchase it from. At least that gives you a starting point. From there you can match the need to some of the best deal available by going through our top picks for Black Friday offers. We’ve also made it easier for you by breaking them into categories.

Get Christmas shopping early with Black Friday

As mentioned, Black Friday is a great chance to score great savings on items both big and small with most of the top retailers.

Some of the biggest brands offering Black Friday deals include:

MAC cosmetics

Of course, the point of all this planning is to get in early!

The following stores will open their virtual doors early and that means you can secure those Christmas pressies sooner rather than later.

Head to our Black Friday hub and find everything you need to get prepared for some of the biggest sales of the year.