Christmas shoppers slow to the till but want fast delivery 2022

Trolley full of Christmas presents

After the last year of crazy inflation and rising interest rates, it’s hard to know what shopping trends to expect this Christmas.

Well here’s one point - Aussies are surprisingly relaxed going into the holiday season, according to a survey by Fluent Commerce, a provider of distributed order management software.

While 46% of Aussies have already started shopping for Christmas gifts, 21% of the population are planning to wait until December.

Additionally, despite warnings from Australia Post that Christmas deliveries could be delayed, Aussies don’t seem all that fazed, as per the results.

Only 28% of respondents said that one-to-two hour delivery was important to them and 39% said same-day delivery was important. More than half (59%) said that three-to-five day delivery was fine and only 5% of respondents said that receiving a late package would deter them from shopping with the same store again.

“Globally we are seeing a demand for faster delivery services, especially in metropolitan areas, but Australia is bucking this trend,” says head of marketing at Fluent Commerce, Veronika Bernkammer.

What abut delivery costs?

While Aussies seem quite relaxed about delivery times, they are very passionate about free delivery.

Three-quarters of those surveyed said that free delivery was a deciding factor when choosing which retailer to shop with. Women (85%) feel more strongly about this than men (63%).

Will Aussies be spending less this Christmas?

The survey also showed that 56% of respondents plan to spend less this Christmas due to rising interest rates.

However, not everyone is feeling the economic strain, with almost a quarter of those surveyed saying that they plan to spend more on gifts this year compared to last year.

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