How much will Aussies spend this Valentine’s Day?

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Valentine’s Day can be an expensive occasion, with many people choosing to fork out large amounts of money on extravagant dates and presents.

This year, the economic situation has many Aussies feeling the pressures of inflation and the cost of living crisis, and this is causing them to tighten their belts. So, how will this impact how Aussies spend their money this Valentine’s Day?

To answer this question, e-commerce platform Moonpig has done some research into the spending intentions of Aussie’s this Valentine’s Day.

They have found that 20% of Australians are planning on spending less on their partner this year and 39% of Aussies aren’t planning on spending anything at all.

While 48% of respondents blame inflation and the cost of living crisis for spending less, 39% say it’s because they don’t believe they need to prove their love with material things.

For those still planning on spending money, Moonpig found that the average amount that people intend to spend is $62.

Moonpig also found that 1 in 3 Australians are planning on going on a date this Valentine’s Day

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