Let’s compare Australia’s top meal kit providers

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Feeling hungry? Meal kit delivery services have risen in popularity over the last couple of years and many people love the ease and convenience of them.

There are now many companies offering similar services, such as Hello Fresh, Marley Spoon and EveryPlate that specialise in meal kits, and other services such as YouFoodz which sends ready made meals that just need to be heated up

Here, we’ll compare these four companies to see what the differences are, considering price, recipe options and preparation times so you can choose which service best suits your needs.

Let's tuck in!


Hello Fresh: For 5 meals a week for 2 people, it costs $114 ($105 for the food + $9.99 for delivery). Equals $10.50 per portion. You can also get a discount on your first order through the Hello Fresh website. 

Marley Spoon: For 5 meals a week for 2 people, it costs $125.39 ($114.90 for the meals + $10.49 for delivery). This equals $11.49 per portion.

EveryPlate: For 5 meals a week for 2 people, it costs a total of $79.99 ($70 for the meals + $9.99 for delivery). Equals $7 per portion. For your first order, you get a discount of $37.10, making the total $42.89. 

Youfoodz: For 5 meals, it costs $79.94 per person. ($69.95 for the food + $9.99 for delivery). Equals $13.99 per meal. For your first order, you get a discount of $32.49, making the total $47.45


Hello Fresh

  • Deal for first time buyers includes $45 off first box, $25 off second box and $10 off third box. 
  • Student, grad and seniors discount - get 40% off your first box and 10% off every box after with Student Beans or Grad Beans. Seniors have to verify their age via GoCertify to unlock discounts. 

Marley Spoon

  • New customers can get a voucher for up to $180 off the first 4 boxes through the Marley Spoon website.


  • Get up to $170 off. For 6 recipes a week for 6 people, get $77.56 off the first box and $23.20 off your second, third, fourth and fifth boxes.


  • Get up to $140 off your first 4 boxes. Get up to $73 off the first box, up to $39 off the second box, up to $16 off the third bix and $12 off the fourth box.

Number of people and number of meals per week

Hello Fresh: Choose between 2 or 4 people and 3, 4 or 5 meals a week for however many people you’re cooking for.

MarleySpoon: Choose between 2 or 4 people and 2, 4, 4 or 5 meals per week for however many people you’re cooking for.

EveryPlate: Choose between 2, 4 or 6 people and 3, 4, 5 or 6 meals per week for however many people you’re cooking for.

Youfoodz: Can only order for one person at a time but you could also choose to order 9,12,14,16 or 18 meals a week and that will obviously feed more people. You could even order 14 meals and have lunch and dinner 7 days a week provided for you.

Food options

Hello Fresh: Select which types of recipes you like, with 8 different options to choose from including classic, vegetarian, family friendly, calorie smart, flexitarian and protein rich. There are 50 weekly options. 
Marley Spoon:
Each week you have the choice of over 50 recipes with options including different types of protein, vegetarian and vegan as well as family-friendly and low carb meals. 
Choose between classic, family, flexitarian or vegetarian options and you can choose add ons such as soups and fruit boxes. There are weekly menus with multiple meals to choose from with over 20 options per week. 
Choose between healthy, low calorie, vegetarian or flexitarian options as well as extra add ons such as protein bites, balls and cookies. There are over 23 recipes to choose from as well as new menus every week.

What preparation is needed?

Hello Fresh: receive a meal kit with fresh ingredients and a recipe and prepare it yourself. 
Marley Spoon:
receive a meal kit and step by step instructions on how to prepare the meal yourself. 
receive a meal kit and instructions featuring 4 steps and less ingredients. 
Youfoodz: r
eady-made meals that just need to be heated up.

Delivery areas and times

Hello Fresh: Currently delivers to various areas in SA, VIC, NSW, SCT, QLD, WA and NT. Check here to see if Hello Fresh delivers to your area. You can check which delivery windows are available in your area on the Hello Fresh website.
Marley Spoon
: Currently delivers to the metro and surrounding areas of most of Australia’s major cities including Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle, Canberra, Melbourne, Hobart, Launceston, Adelaide, Gold Coast and greater Perth and Darwin. Enter your postcode on the Marley Spoon website to find if they deliver to your area. Delivery days depend on where you live. 
Caters to the vast majority of NSW, WA, VIC, ACT and QLD. To see if you can get EveryPlate delivered to your address, click here
You can choose a delivery day and time that suits you.
Delivers to areas in SA, VIC, NSW, ACT, QLD, WA, NT and TAS. Full list of areas can be found here. You can choose the day of delivery that suits you. There are different delivery cut off times depending on your state.

Popular recipes

Hello Fresh: chicken and bocconcini salad with semi-dried tomatoes & pesto, plant based mince and basil pesto spaghetti, tamarind-glazed Prawn tacos with aioli slaw and yoghurt, easy BBQ chicken & salsa loaded fries.
Marley Spoon:
Paella style chicken, cheesy beef ragu, spicy beef fajita bowl and thai style pork salad. 
Hoisin pork and corn tacos, classic beef cottage pie, honey haloumi and corn salad, beef bolognese baked risotto.
Mexican chicken with loaded beans & sour cream, Nonna’s spaghetti bolognese, Mohlt’s butter chicken with naan & brown rice.

Consensus picks

Most food options:

While all four have lots of food options to choose from, Hello Fresh has the widest range of recipes and has the most categories to choose from.

Best for people with kids

EveryPlate is the best option for people with kids. A lot of their meals are labelled “kid friendly” and feature simple ingredients and hidden veggies.

Easiest to prepare

YouFoodz stands out as the easiest to prepare because the meals arrive ready made and just need to be heated up. 

EveryPlate is also relatively easy to prepare, with each meal only requiring 4 steps.

Best for people who track what they’re eating

YouFoodz is the best option for people who want to know exactly how much protein/calories/fat or carbs are in their meals so they can pick and choose according to their goals. 

Youfoodz also has a variety of plans for people with different health, fitness and nutrition goals and the meals are catered to provide for these needs.

Cheapest per meal

When comparing prices for 2 people, for 5 meals a week, EveryPlate is the cheapest per individual meal, costing $7 per portion.

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