Staying safe from online shopping scams - what to look out for this Black Friday

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New research by cybersecurity and compliance company Proofpoint finds that many retailers don’t have an adequate level of protection from consumer scams.

The data reveals that 1 in 4 of Australia’s top 100 online retailers are not taking appropriate measures to protect consumers from potential email fraud and cyber crime.

“One in four retailers aren’t protected, leaving them open to being impersonated by cyber criminals who can then deliver malicious emails to consumers’ inboxes,” says senior director of advanced technology group at Proofpoint, Steve Moros.

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales around the corner, it’s an opportune time for cyber criminals to capitalise on the influx of emails from brands offering deals.

“As Australians search the internet and check their inboxes for the latest shopping bargains, it’s important to remain vigilant and keep safe shopping practices front of mind,” warns Moros.

Here are some tips to avoid being online scamed this shopping season:

  • Don’t click on links sent in emails - instead, go straight to the source by Googling the website.
  • Use strong passwords - regularly change your passwords and don’t reuse the same password
  • Read customer reviews and complaints before buying to ensure that a company is legitimate.

Don’t let this warning deter you from shopping online - keep these tips in mind and be cautious!

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