What do consumers want from shopping experiences? PWC tells us

people walking around shopping centre

The way we shop has changed a lot over the last few years. For one, online shops went to new heights during the pandemic!

However, professional services firm, PWC has found that many of the trends that got supercharged in the depths of the covid crisis have now unwound.

In other words, in-store shopping has rebounded!

For example, the results of PWC’s 2023 Global Consumer Insights Pulse Survey found that 43% of consumers shopped in-store as their preferred option.

But what do consumers really want?

PWC says that many consumers are wanting their physical shopping experience to be enhanced by technology.

When asked what factors would most enhance their experiences, 16% of respondents said they’d like the ability to use self-service checkouts and 15% said they’d like to use the retailer’s website or app to browse for particular products while in store.

In addition, 34% of consumers who plan to spend more time in physical stores said they would be attracted to in-store entertainment and 30% said they’d like immersive digital experiences such as VR headsets.

According to ecommerce company Shopify, the competition between retailers is on the rise, with 49% of brands investing in social commerce content in 2022. This typically means a rise in branded shopping apps, as well as more social media marketing campaigns such as content on TikTok and Instagram.

It’s clear that retailers need to stay on top of these shifts because what consumers want from their shopping experiences is evolving.

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