NAB and Origin’s solar partnership: what you need to know


It’s odd to think that a rewards card and an energy retailer would come together with the goal of helping Aussies save on their energy bill, but NAB’s latest rewards program with Origin is doing just that.

From today, NAB customers can use their rewards points for the installation of residential solar panels, with the option of redeeming 48,080 points to receive a $250 Origin e-voucher to put towards the cost of installing the panels.

It doesn’t stop there, however, with Origin are also offering customers an additional, one off $500 discount.

The new program comes in response to the growing number of homeowners interested in alternative energy options.

“This offer not only helps to reduce the cost of installing solar panels, but also has flow-on savings for a customer’s energy bills and the environment,” said NAB Executive General Manager of Consumer Lending, Angus Gilfillan.

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And if you’re a first home buyer armed with a deposit, you’ll be able to score 350,000 NAB Rewards points by taking out an eligible NAB Home Loan and Banking Bundle - equating to a further $2,250 worth of value to go towards the solar system for their home.

“We know that cost is a significant factor for consumers when making a purchase, so we hope this initiative makes it easier and more affordable for Australians to make the switch to solar,” said Gilfillan.

Mozo recently reported on the rising number of Aussies using renewable energy, with the 15,225 panels installed in August alone cutting an estimated $180 million off energy bills across the country. But according to Mozo Director, Kirsty Lamont, Aussies can still snag a great deal on their energy plan by switching providers.

“For those who can afford the setup and installation costs, solar is a great way to trim your energy bill. But you can also make great savings by switching to a more competitive, better value plan in your state,” she said.

If you’re now after a rewards credit card, whether it be from NAB or another provider,, here’s a quick look at some of your options, along with some other common plastic perks.

5 common credit card perks

Travel insurance and travel extras - Complimentary travel insurance is a perk offered by many credit card providers that will not only cover you, but your partner and two children. With this, you’ll be covered against lost luggage, medical expenses, cancellations fees and more. And depending on your provider, you may even score a free domestic flight each year!

Purchase protection insurance - This is a type of insurance that will cover you if you lose or have an item stolen that you purchased using your rewards card. However, these claims may need to be made within 30 days of you losing your item and will only work if you purchased it within the last 90 days.

Price protection - This perk is for the shopaholics who hate seeing items they just bought at a lower price somewhere else. Price protection will reimburse the difference between the price you paid and the price advertised at another store - but remember, there may be a minimum or maximum amount you are allowed to claim.

Extended warranty - Along with the items regular warranty, your rewards card may provide an extended warranty. The is usually an extra 12 months.

Concierge service - Give yourself a temporary celebrity status through your card’s complimentary concierge service, which offers assistance for booking hotels, hotel recommendations and restaurant reservations.

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