Google taking big steps toward using 100% renewable energy

Google’s goal of being 100% reliant on renewable energy is closer than ever, with the announcement of plans to buy 842 megawatts of solar and wind electricity, ninemsn reported.

In their 2015 White House Climate Pledge, Google committed itself to tripling the use of renewable energy in its operations by 2025. Currently, 37% of their energy use is renewable, but this is set to change in the next two years, as Google invests in solar and wind energy.

Google has signed agreements to purchase wind power from the US and Sweden, and solar energy from the US and Chile, “nearly doubling the amount of renewable energy” purchased to date. Google’s Urs Hoezle was quoted by ninemsn as saying that these long-term agreements would, "provide projects with the financial certainty and scale necessary to build these wind and solar facilities - thus bringing new renewable energy onto the grid in these regions.”

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On their website, the tech giant claimed to have already made agreements to fund nearly $2.5 billion worth of renewable energy projects, committing to “help accelerate the shift to zero-carbon power and create a better future for everyone” in their White House Climate Pledge.

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