Origin Energy set to supply Tesla’s Powerwall system

Origin Energy has sealed a deal with Tesla to become one of the first Australian suppliers of its Powerwall battery, a sleek, wall mounted unit launched in May this year, smh.com.au reported.

Origin Energy, along with rivals AGL Energy and EnergyAustralia were keen to tap into the home battery market which could reach $24 billion in size and encompass 2.4 million Australian households.

The Powerwall battery will initially be available only as a complete package with solar panels and an inverter, with prices starting from around $16,500, to be available for installation in February 2016. The price is expected to be a major hurdle for Australian consumers, although it’s expected to drop rapidly, especially with Origin Energy planning to offer stand-alone Powerwall batteries later in 2016.

The aim of the Powerwall battery system is to allow homes to reduce reliance on power from the grid, by storing extra solar energy for later use. Fully charged, the battery would be able to power an average sized home for 2.5 hours, including running lighting, air conditioning, a fridge, flat screen, laptop and television.

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The Sydney Morning Herald reported Frank Calabria, head of energy markets at Origin, saying that the Powerwall package would "provide households with greater control over their energy use than ever before".

You can read more about the Powerwall and how it works here and if you’re looking for a more competitive deal on your home energy plan, take a look at Mozo’s energy comparison page for an overview of the market.


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