Tears of the Kingdom final trailer lands! Pre-order now Zelda fans!

Tears of the Kingdom
Image credit: Nintendo

Nintendo has dropped the final trailer for Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom and it was spectacular, convincing this writer that now is the time to order!

This cinematic trailer was everything - its dazzling music and breathtaking sense of adventure are a welcoming feeling to all Zelda fans who are itching to play.

It opens with a similar but different Hyrule. Then Link dives through the sky in the strange Roman-like outfit in the first Tears of the Kingdom trailer. He is Masterswordless, Sheika Slateless and sports a corrupted arm. 

We also glimpse at more Zonais and the monsters we must face. Plus, confirmation that all the characters who aided us in the original quest are older and fighting companions (this confirms the theory that this game will be set a couple of years after the original). 

The trailer also shows that Princess Zelda doesn’t die but is rescued by a mysterious clan (potentially the Zonai?) and is waiting for Link to find her. But it's unclear if she’ll be a playable character- it’s been 36 years and we have yet to have Zelda as a playable character in the mainline games! Many are hoping this will be the game, but only time will tell.

Okay Tears of the Kingdom is available in May, so where to next?

tears of the kingdom
Image credit: Nintendo

The game’s launch is less than a month away and we are ready to launch ourselves deep into the new Hyrule. Below you will find a link to pre-order.

In the meantime, you can rewatch the trailer a million times, listen to the official new theme song on the Nintendo Japan website or pre-order the game if you haven’t already!

If you want to pre-order The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, you can click that link for all your buying options in Australia. And if you’re a new Zelda fan and don’t have a Nintendo Switch, it's the perfect time to buy the Zelda-themed OLED Switch to join the adventure.

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