MBA students partner with UBank for innovative project

MBA students at The University of Sydney Business School will be working with online provider UBank on capstone projects in 2016, as part of a new partnership aimed at improving innovation and leadership.

25 MBA students will be a part of the capstone program, supported by UBank’s senior team who will be sharing insights and data with them.

“Saving money is a critical part of helping Australians prepare for their futures and key to overall financial security. As a result, we’ve asked the University of Sydney students to think about how we can engage Australians to review and reinvigorate their own personal savings journey,” said UBank CEO, Lee Hatton.

The goal, she added, was to find “a creative, innovative solution that will disrupt ideas around savings, and reconnects and engages Australians,” with their own personal finance situations.

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The program is set to deliver some exciting new ideas to help Aussies tackle their personal finances, with students encouraged to “examine trend predictions, explore innovative technologies such as gamification or wearables, or repurpose existing UBank assets if it addresses people’s evolving needs.”

MBA Director Professor Guy Ford said that the capstone project would provide students with an invaluable opportunity to work on developing an innovative new banking product alongside a corporate partner.

“This partnership with UBank is also very much in keeping with our efforts to produce a new generation of creative business leaders with new skills, greater confidence, international experience and a capacity to deliver outstanding results on the global stage,” added Professor Greg Whitwell, the School’s Dean.

UBank, launched by NAB in 2008, is an online only bank with no physical branches. Hatton described UBank as “essentially a fintech with a banking license” which set out with the task of disrupting and challenging the existing financial industry.

“Through the partnership, UBank hopes to demystify banking not only for the students but for our customers,” Hatton added.

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