Mastercard or Masterchef? NAB’s food for thought…

NAB low rateMozo doesn’t always have nice things to say about the ‘Big Four’ banks — especially because they often pawn off their better products to subsidiaries (Commonwealth to BankWest, NAB to UBank, to name a couple). So I decided last night to start digging around and find something competitive being pushed into the marketplace by one of these big players. A few fun-filled hours ensued as I trawled their respective websites, with unnecessary fees and uncompetitive rates as far as the eye could see. Swilling the dregs of my third coffee, I resigned myself to defeat and decided to humbly retreat to the comforts of Celebrity Masterchef. I’ll just have one last quick poke around, I said to myself, then go check how many cravats Matt Preston’s wearing.

And then I stumbled on the NAB Low Rate Visa Card — hold the celebrity cook-off!

First of all, the card has a very low rate on purchases: 10.99%, one of the best on the market. A relatively low annual fee of $49, and 55 days interest fees are other nice, if not inspiring benefits. The real thing that makes this card a winner is the promotional offer: 0% on purchases and balance transfers for the first 6 months.  With Christmas looming, this card could be a real winner for those hoping to spread the festive load over half a year without having to pay any extra interest.

Plus there’s a big saving on interest payments if you transfer a balance from another card — 0% for 6 months. The one stumbling block here is what happens after these 6 months. The purchase rate reverts to 10.99%, so that’s fine. However, balance transfers revert to the cash advance rate, which is set at a not so competitive rate of 19.99%. And in another sneaky twist, you’ll have to pay off that low-interest purchases debt before you can put a dent in the higher-interest balance transfer.

This card will save you a bunch — but ONLY if you can pay everything off in 6 months.

So NAB has proved the Big 4 can actually put out a quality product that’s economical to boot. If you can pay off that balance transfer in time, this could be the card that will feather your present nest without breaking the bank. Just make sure they’re not all cravats.

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Mastercard or Masterchef? NAB’s food for thought… was last modified: July 12, 2012 by Yash Murthy

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  1. Looks like a pretty good way to save some cash this Christmas. Who knows – might even buy a Cravat! Or even those crazy shoes Preston’s always wearing that look like he’s skinned a cow to make them!


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