Financially surviving the school holidays

With 6 weeks of summer school holidays now on the doorstep, we’ve turned to guest blogger, Kylie Ofiu to help out with some top tips for surviving the holidays without cleaning out your wallet.

Free fun in the holidays – guest Blog Kylie Ofiu

6 weeks is a long time to try and keep kids entertained, especially if you are on a budget. It seems that everything there is to do costs so much money right? Actually, there are lots of things you can do during the holidays, which are not just for kids. It’s the time when many attractions will offer discounts, so even if you don’t have kids it can be a great time to take advantage of school holiday specials for you and friends.

Look Local

Google “Free things in xyz” with xyz being the city you live in or surrounds. You will be amazed at what comes up. You’ll find everything from local botanical gardens, bushwalks, festivals, movies in the park and more. Be a tourist in your own city. There are probably many things you could do or have wanted to do, but just never got around to.

Check your local library to see what school holiday activities they are running. Many have story time; movie days, exhibitions and crafts kids can go and do.

Use Coupons

Many attractions have 2 for 1 deals on for the holidays. Keep an eye out in your local newspaper, on the radio or check out coupon sites such as Groupon, Spreets and similar.


Camping can be a cheap, virtually free holiday once you have some equipment. All you really need is a tent, an esky, sleeping bags, torches and camp mats. Everything else you can just substitute with stuff from home. There are many free camping locations around Australia and it can be fun to go off on a road trip.

Cooking and Crafts

Decorate cupcakes, make chocolate fudge, experiment with making ice cream, cook biscuits and slices or try out some recipes to take on a picnic. There is an endless supply of recipes you can try. They don’t all have to be food either you can make experiment and make slime, glue, puffy paints, bath crayons, bath bombs, natural beauty remedies and more depending on age and interests of your kids.

As for crafts, look up different types of origami, recycle t-shirts into headbands, do collages, hot air balloons, teach your kids to sew, cross stitch or knit. Make marble runs, piñata’s, robots and more.

Out and About

Staying at home can get boring, not matter how many activities you plan. Why not try geo caching if you have a GPS? It’s a lot of fun for all ages. Alternatively do a scavenger hunt in your local area. It can either be one where they collect items or use a camera to photograph them.


Sleeping over at friend’s houses or having friends over was one of the things I loved about weekends and school holidays as a kid. It was so much more fun to have someone else to play with. We’d watch movies, make cubby houses, play games like hide and seek, chasings, marbles, ride skateboards and more. We’d make popcorn, pancakes and cakes together. Getting together with some other parents to arrange some sleep overs or play days can mean you each get a break and it stops some of the school holiday boredom.

What were your favourite things to do during holidays when you were younger or what are some of the things your kids love to do now?

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