5 black-belt shopping strategies for the post xmas sales

By Christmas day you’re either firmly in the camp of people that don’t want to set foot in another shopping mall for 12 months, or you’re getting heart palpitations at the thought of the bargains you’re going to snap up at the Boxing Day sales in less than 24 hours time.

Australians are set to spend a whopping $2.2 billion in Boxing Day sales according to the Commonwealth Bank, and if you’re planning to take part in the bargain hunting, you’ll need more than a comfortable pair of shoes and a good set of elbow pads.

Here’s our 5 top shopping tips for getting the best value from the post Christmas sales.

1. Make a list, Check it twice.

Learn from Santa and make a list of everything you want to buy. Remember the stores will be filled with bright red sale banners everywhere and its easy to get distracted and waste time in departments or stores that aren’t a shopping priority. A list will help you to stay focussed on getting the things you really want.

2. Prepare the night before.

Online preparation the night before is a must if you want to snag the best buys. While stores will be closed on xmas day, many of them will start posting their sales online Christmas Day so you can find out what’s on offer and what stores to target first. And don’t forget to print off competitor’s pricing, most stores have price matching programs so you could save yourself some time as well as money by having the key pricing info on hand.

3. Shop for you first.

A 4-slice toaster may be on the wishlist but unlike that pair of size 8 Tony Bianco wedges, chances are the toaster won’t sell out. Black-belt shoppers prioritise their shopping list in order of how limited the stock is likely to be. This means, shop for you first so that you don’t run the risk of missing out on items in your size.

4. Not all bargains are created equal.

Just because there is a 50% off sign doesn’t mean that the 24 pack of lavender scented candles is a good buy. Don’t be blinded by the light of a highlighted sales price – if it’s going to live at the back of a cupboard for 12 months, it isn’t a deal at all. This is where your list comes in.

5. Know your limits.

There’s nothing worse than a debt hangover that lasts for months after the sales have long passed. If you’re doing any of your post xmas sale shopping with your credit card, it’s important to have a set shopping budget that you can pay back in a realistic timeframe. That bargain Hugo Boss shirt won’t be much of a bargain if it costs you an extra $100 in credit card interest.

Final tip: Don’t be afraid to haggle

Just because prices are already reduced, it doesn’t mean that that’s the final price you need to pay according to the haggling pros of the Mozo community. Last month they shared their haggling tips and the top three key recurring themes were:

  • Never shop unprepared. Know what price you can get elsewhere and get the store to match it.
  • Bundle for bigger discounts. If you’re buying more than one product ask for an additional discount or get them to throw in something extra for free.
  • Be prepared to walk away. “I ask what the best price is today and walk away if it not what I wanted. They always follow!”

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