And the winner is… Rate To Win prize winners announced

As usual, we had a cracking response to our Rate To Win competition. More than 10,000 of you took the opportunity to have your say on your banks and insurers, dish the dirt and sing their praises.

We’d like to thank you all for taking the time to write such awesome reviews. They help Aussies just like you to make better banking and insurance decisions everyday – keep up the good work!

So without further ado, the winners of the brand spanking new iPhone 5 and iPad Mini are:

Ben, who reviewed the Commonwealth Bank:

“I’ve been with CBA my whole life (24 years), so I have trust in their reliability. I have an everyday transaction account, savings account and have used their travel cards in the past. Their online service is easy to navigate and it’s easy to apply for additional services (term deposits, debit cards etc.). As a student, the fact that they don’t charge me fees is essential. I have also experienced friendly and efficient service when visiting my local branch. I have few complaints; I was a little disappointed in the interest rates offered for term deposits, but it’s essentially the same as other banks. My local branch has also just recently closed, which is probably a sign of the decline of physical branches. Overall, I think people often vilify the big banks, but I like the fact I don’t have to worry about the security of my money. Plus, with the CBA there’s always an ATM nearby.”

Jessica, who reviewed the Police and Nurses Mutual Bank:

“Police and Nurses Mutual Banking have a variety of banking options to suit every family. We have 4 accounts with PNMB, all within the one account. We have an every day account, which we use for general expenses and this is accessed with our debit cards. It has no fees so long as you deposit $500 or more each month, so we simply have our pays directed into this account.

“We also have a high interest savings account, and it encourages you to save by a clever feature – if you deposit money it accrues interest day by day, but if you touch the money in this account you lose no interest is paid until the next month.

“We have a budgeting account, where we transfer money weekly for bills, this helps with budgeting so we don’t spend what’s in our everyday account on the bills, or the bills money on clothes!

“Finally we have a kids savings account with no fees and high interest for our son.

“PNMB are always helpful and offer great service. There is a wide range of ATMs and they have partnered with NAB so you have fee free access to those ATMs too.

Internet banking is easy and secure.

“Thoroughly recommend.”

Did you miss out on a prize? No worries. The new Rate to Win competition has begun, and there’s a MacBook Air and an iPad mini up for grabs, so get reviewing, Mozonians!

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