Winter travel escape: 10 travel insurance must dos

Winter travel escape: 10 travel insurance must dos

Whether you’re a piste-loving peep waiting for the Southern Hemisphere’s first snowflakes or a sunshine-lover dreaming of your next European adventure, travel insurance should be high on your list of to dos.

An accidental snow tumble or some sneaky foreign hands could cost you big bucks if you’re not adequately covered, so to ensure your winter holiday doesn’t get spoiled by a claim rejection this winter (or summer depending on the zone you’re flying into!), here’s Mozo’s 10 travel insurance must dos.

1. Compare the bustling travel insurance market

By taking the time to find the right travel insurance for your epic escape, you could save yourself hundreds by comparing online. Think of all the martinis and cosmos that could buy!

If you’re travelling to the snow, with a quick search of the market using Mozo’s travel insurance comparison tool, you’ll find 110 policies with snow cover as standard right now.

For top value, check out our winners in the Mozo Experts Choice Travel Insurance Awards. Insure&Go took out the Gold medal for best value basic cover and Southern Cross Travel Insurance won Gold for best value comprehensive cover.

2. Read the fiddly fine print

Before signing on the dotted line, carefully read your policy’s inclusions to ensure you’re thoroughly covered for your wicked trip. If you’re going to be doing activities like surfing, paragliding or bungee jumping you might need to request ‘extra’ cover.

Snow-bunnies also keep in mind, while snow travel insurance covers skiing and snowboarding, your snow insurance policy may exclude activities like bobsleighing or snow rafting. So take the time to look over your insurance policy or contact the insurer, to find out what activities are covered.

3. Look for unlimited medical cover

Bumps, bangs and bruises can happen when you least expect when travelling abroad, so it’s important to sign up with a travel insurance policy with unlimited medical cover. Especially when you consider overseas medical bills can run into the hundreds of thousands, if you’re unwell for an extended period of time.

Luckily there are an incredible 156 policies with unlimited medical cover in our travel insurance database.

4. Don’t book your travel insurance at the last minute

Make sure you take out cover when you book your flights and accommodation – for the number of days you will be away – as most comprehensive insurance policies will include cancellation cover meaning you can get reimbursed for prepaid costs if your holiday is cancelled due to sudden injury or illness.

5. Bring your insurance documents with you

Scan a copy of your travel insurance policy to your computer and send it to your email (also take a hard copy with you), so that you have your insurer’s contact details and your insurance policy number to give them, in the case of an emergency.

6. Get a police report or doctor’s certificate

Make sure you report any theft or anything else dodgy to the local police immediately and obtain a police report to streamline the claim process. And the same goes if you see a doctor overseas.

7. Tell your insurer about pre-existing medical conditions

Speak with your travel insurance provider about any pre-existing medical conditions you have (that includes pregnancy) because if you don’t, your policy may become invalid if you find yourself in hospital.

8. Listen to the Australian Government’s travel advisory

History-buffs, the ancient pyramids of Egypt may be pretty tempting! But before you book your trip visit Smartraveller, as many insurers won’t cover you if you’re travelling to a country with travel warnings, such as areas with civil unrest or high terrorist risk.

9. Enjoy your drinks (but not when doing extreme sports)

A boozy lunch can be pretty tempting after a big morning of skiing or boarding but your insurer won’t cover you if you’re under the influence and have an accident on the slopes. So leave the baileys and jaegermeister for dinner!

Even if you’re not hitting the slopes this winter, if you’re under the influence of alcohol whilst doing other activities considered ‘extreme’ overseas you may not be covered.

10. Avoid off piste skiing or boarding

If you’re snow bound, keep to the marked trails on the slope. Off-piste skiing or boarding offers an enticing adventure to the adrenaline junkie but you generally won’t be covered. Some insurers also won’t cover you if you take risks like tackling the black run, when it’s your first time.

So stay safe this winter and enjoy your trip!

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