Monday moneyvator: Hunt down a budget friendly Father’s Day gift

Monday moneyvator: Hunt down a budget friendly Father’s Day gift

Are you looking for a Father’s day gift that your dad will love but that won’t break your budget?

If you answered “yes” then this gift guide is for you, running you through some of the top gifts under $50 that dad is sure to love:

1. Gentleman’s Hardware Stainless Steel Cocktail Shaker – $40

Whether it’s a martini shaken not stirred or a gin and tonic with a twist, for a dad who has always dreamed of having their own in house bar, a cocktail making set is sure to be a winner.


2. Wood Whiskey and Wine barrel – $45 +

Another edition to add to dad’s home bar could be his own whiskey and wine barrel, perfect for when he is the hostess with the mostess.


3. Digital Temperature Probe – $39.99

Sick of your dad burning the steak on the barbie? A nifty tool that could help solve the problem is a temperature probe, which monitors the temperature of the meat and will help him serve it medium rare not well done.


4. Trakdot Smart Watch – $39

Why pay hundreds of dollars for a smart watch, when you can get your dad a digital watch for just under $40? The Trakdot not only tells the time but lets your dad receive SMS notifications, check the weather and event reminders with the flick of his wrist.


5. Neck and Shoulder Massager with Heat – $49

For all those office worker dads out there, a neck massager is sure to be a win. With two different speeds and a heat function, it’s the perfect way for dad to unwind after a long day at work.


6. Personalised Round Engravable Silver Cufflinks – $39

If your dad likes to look suave every now and again in a suit, some personalised cufflinks with his initials engraved for this Father’s Day will be a great addition to his sharp attire.



7. TV Remote Control Spinning Caddy – $41.71

This gift is not only great for dad but everyone in the family, as you’ll always know where the remote is with a spinning caddy and can say goodbye to hunting under the coach.  


8. Espresso-scented Mancandle Candle – $29.95

For the coffee-loving dad, a mancandle with espresso scents is sure to give him that caffeine kick he knows and loves. Plus the one below is made out of environmentally friendly earth grown soybeans – what’s manlier than that?


9. Travel Case in Matte Black – $39.95

No longer will dad have to put up with cheap complimentary shampoos and conditioners when he’s on holiday, as this travel case in matte black will ensure all his travel bathroom essentials are kept safe.



10. Chipolo Bluetooth Item Finder – $40

Does your dad often rush around the house looking for his lost keys? The Chipolo Bluetooth Finder will allow your dad to find his lost keys through bluetooth connectivity, from his smartphone to the Chipolo tag that hangs around his keychain. Let’s just hope he doesn’t lose his phone!



*Prices exclude postage and handling

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