Top credit cards for racking up Qantas Frequent Flyer Points

Top credit cards for racking up Qantas Frequent Flyer Points

It’s common knowledge that the Qantas Frequent Flyer program is one of, if not the most popular rewards points program in Australia. So with the holiday and travel season quickly approaching, we thought it was about time for a blog that solely focuses on credit cards that allow you to directly earn Qantas Points.

What “directly earn” means is every time you make a purchase, your points will be credited to your Qantas Frequent Flyer membership. Many rewards credit cards will allow you to redeem points for flight rewards or convert rewards points to airline frequent flyer miles, if you’re interested in comparing these cards head over to the rewards credit card section of our site.   

Here are our top picks of the best credit cards for racking up juicy Qantas Frequent Flyer Points:

1. American Express Qantas Discovery Card

If you’re looking for some rewards points bang, you’re sure to get it with the American Express Qantas Discovery Card, which took out a top spot in the Mozo Experts Choice Awards for Best Rewards Credit Card. You’ll receive one point for every dollar spent, plus to really accelerate your points earned, you’ll receive a bonus point for every dollar spent on selected Qantas products and services. And making this offering even more enticing, the Qantas Discovery card comes with 7,500 bonus points if you apply by 2 February 2016 and meet the spending criteria (Receive 5,000 points when you spend $300 on purchases within the first three months and 2,500 points after your first spend on Qantas products or services).  

What we like…Unlike many rewards credit cards that come with a high annual fee, the Qantas Discovery Card surprises with no annual fee at all.

But watch out for…Some merchants charge extra service fees for paying with AMEX, which according to the RBA is usually between 1.8%-2.4%, compared to just 0.8%-1.4% with Visa and MasterCard.

2. ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum

With no annual fee in the first year and complimentary travel insurance, concierge and purchase protection, there’s a lot to love about the ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum. Of course what we are really interested in is the Frequent Flyer Points and this card doesn’t disappoint earning you 1.5 points per dollar on AMEX and 0.5 points per dollar on Visa.

What we like…On top of the generous points scheme, if you spend $5,000 on purchases in the first month, you’ll get a bumper 50,000 bonus points.

But watch out for…While there’s no annual fee in the first year, every year after you’ll incur a yearly fee of $295. So make sure you are racking up enough rewards points and using the complimentary insurances and features to make paying the annual fee worth it.

3. HSBC Platinum Qantas Credit Card

Another top credit card attached to the Qantas Frequent Flyer program is HSBC’s Platinum Qantas Credit Card that will earn you 1 point per dollar on Visa. When you apply by 31 October 2015 and make an eligible purchase within 3 months you’ll also receive 40,000 bonus points and two complimentary Qantas Club lounge invitations. On top of these benefits, the card comes with a range of complimentary features including concierge, travel Insurance, extended warranty and purchase protection.

What we like…The Platinum Qantas Credit Card also comes with free membership to HSBC’s home&Away Privilege Program, which offers a great range of discounts on everything from your overseas accommodation to online shopping in over 40 countries.

Watch out for…Once you have spent $2,500 on the card within a month your points earning rate will drop down to 0.5 points per dollar.

4. NAB Qantas Rewards Premium Card

While the NAB Qantas Rewards Premium Card comes with a $250 annual fee, it more than makes up for it with an offering of 1.5 points per dollar on AMEX, 0.5 points per dollar on Visa and 40,000 bonus points after you make your first purchase. The cherry on the cake, is a range of complimentary features including travel insurance, concierge, extended warranty and purchase protection.

What we like…Not a member of the Qantas Frequent Flyer program? No worries, as this credit card comes with complimentary membership, saving you the $89.50 joining fee.

Watch out for…Big spenders, keep in mind there is a cap on the amount you can earn each month of 100,000 Qantas Frequent Flyer Points.  

5. Bankwest Qantas Platinum MasterCard

Earning you 0.75 points on MasterCard (up to 200,000 points per year) and 50,000 bonus Qantas Points once you spend over $2,500 on eligible purchases within the first 3 months, there was no way we could leave this rewards card off our top Qantas rewards card wrap up. On top of these competitive points offerings, you’ll enjoy free travel insurance, 24/7 concierge and no transaction fees on overseas purchases. Tick, tick, tick!

What we like…The points never expire, so you can store them away for that epic overseas vacation.

Watch out for…Make sure you pay the balance in full each month or you’ll be charged the 20.49% interest rate.

6. Woolworths Money Qantas Platinum Credit Card

Supermarket giant Woolworths is another player that is offering the rewards cards goods in the form of its Qantas Platinum Credit Card. You’ll earn 1 point per dollar on Visa, which reverts to 0.5 points once you spend over $2,500 in a month. Some of the other perks include free travel insurance, extended warranty and rental car excess cover, potentially saving you a bundle in cash. And if you apply by 31 October 2015 and make an eligible purchase by 31 December 2015, you’ll supercharge your rewards points with 10,000 bonus Qantas points.

What we like…You can accelerate your points earned even further thanks to the extra point per dollar spent offer when you make purchases from participating Woolworths Group stores.

Watch out for…The card doesn’t come with complimentary Qantas Frequent Flyer program membership. So if you’re not a member you’ll have to pay the $89.50 joining fee.

Mozo’s top tips for redeeming rewards points fast

It’s one thing to find a competitive rewards card deal but another thing to use the card the right way. So ensure you end the year with a nice pile of Frequent Flyer Points, with these top tips:

  1. Take advantage of bonus point offers

Many rewards credit cards come with great bonus point offers when you sign up. So make sure you receive that bundle of rewards points, by checking what you’ll need to do to meet the spending criteria.

For instance, with the  ANZ Frequent Flyer Platinum mentioned above you’ll earn a whopping 50,000 bonus points but only if you spend $5,000 on purchases in the first month.

  1. Use the higher earning network

Also check if the rewards credit card you sign up with has two different card networks (e.g AMEX or Visa) because often when you pay via American Express the points earned per dollar will be higher. Of course, you’ll only want to pay via AMEX if there isn’t a high merchant service fee attached to the payment.

  1. Apply for additional cardholders

Another way to maximise the amount of rewards points you earn is by adding your partner or another family member as a cardholder and getting them to make their everyday purchases on the card. Just keep in mind that some cards have caps on the amount of points you can earn each year.

  1. Shop with bonus partners

While we are not recommending you go out and spend more than you normally would, if you are planning on making a purchase it’s worth checking if you can make it with a Qantas Frequent Flyer partner, as you could earn extra points. You might be surprised by the number of places you can earn extra points from hiring a car to wining and dining at selected restaurants.

For more rewards points tips, read our Top ways to ramp up credit card rewards points blog.

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