The cheapest cities to drink in around the world

The cheapest cities to drink in around the world

You’re suave. You’re fabulous. You’re very drunk. Image via

I was sitting at my desk daydreaming about my next holiday – I mean, doing research on cheap travel tips – when I came across this gem of journalism from the good people at Lonely Planet.

Cheap drinks? European break? I couldn’t have been more sold.

So, compliments of Post Office Travel Money (who actually crunched the numbers), here are the five cheapest cities to get your drink on in 2016:

1. Prague, Czech Republic

Bottle of beer – AU$2.19

Glass of wine – AU$2.72

Cocktail – AU$4.91

Cafe Bar Propaganda. Image via Facebook

Cheapest for beer and overall was Prague, the picturesque and apparently sudsy capital of the Czech Republic. Prague is a beer drinker’s paradise, so in between high-brow architecture and art history tours, hit up local joints like Cafe Bar Propaganda, Lucerna Cafe or U Fleku – where accordion recitals and local drinking songs abound – for a trip you’ll never forget (and barely remember).

2. Budapest, Hungary

Bottle of beer – AU$2.59

Glass of wine – AU$2.12

Cocktail – AU$5.22

Szimpla Kert. Image via

In Budapest, ‘ruin bars’ are all the rage – so if you wind up in a kitschy little room covered in doilies and checkered rugs with bicycle parts hanging from the ceiling, don’t panic. You haven’t wandered into a Hungarian grandmother’s lounge room or a rubbish tip. Chances are, you’re in Caesar Söröző or Szimpla Kert, some of the the hippest bars in Budapest.

3. Krakow, Poland

Bottle of beer – AU$2.97

Glass of wine – AU$4.60

Cocktail – AU$6.58

Spolem Pub. Image via

Walk down any given street in Krakow, and 4 out of 5 of the doors will likely lead you to a bar. And with tourists flocking to grungy Pijalnia bars and soviet inspired Społem Pub, if you’re still buying, the bartender is likely still pouring. So if you remember anything more than a hazy version of your trip to Krakow, you didn’t try hard enough.

4. Riga, Latvia

Bottle of beer – AU$4.20

Glass of wine – AU$5.47

Cocktail – AU$10.50

Folkklubs ALA Pagrabs. Image via InYourPocket

Where? I hear you ask. It’s true, Riga isn’t the most well-known tourist destination, but Latvia gave us 6 points in Eurovision, guys, c’mon. To honour that sacred bond, head to Rock Cafe for some loud, off-key karaoke in your best Latvian. Or, at Folkklubs ALA Pagrabs you’ll find Riga Balsam, a local drink that will knock you right off your chair (possibly literally). Like the rest of Eastern Europe, if kitschy basement or open air bars are your thing, you’ll be right at home in Riga.

5. Tallinn, Estonia

Bottle of beer – AU$4.62

Glass of wine – AU$5.47

Cocktail – AU$9.81

Valli Baar. Image via Foursquare

A small city, Tallinn is a great destination for those drinkers who like to impress their friends by knowing about the most obscure and ridiculous brews around. Põrgu is a must see for local beer and Valli Baar is legendary. If you go to Tallinn and don’t visit Valli Baar, you might as well not have gone at all. Best thing about Tallinn is that it’s a small city so you can walk to the bars – but with all the cheap shots floating around, expect to be crawling back out.

Have I missed one of your favourites? Add your best booze hangout in the comments.

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