Easter Bunny’s budget blowout: eggsorbitant markups on your favourite chocolates

Easter Bunny’s budget blowout: eggsorbitant markups on your favourite chocolates

Everybody knows that one of the best things about Easter is the fact that it gives you the excuse to eat as much chocolate as you like, without feeling guilty.

But we’ve got some bad news – even if you’ve decided not to worry about your waistline this Easter, you may have to think twice about your wallet.

We’ve hit the shops to price check 40 of our favourite Easter treats from brands like Cadbury, Lindt, Kinder and Haigh’s and found some major markups. Now, we all know you pay more for chocolate eggs, bunnies or the beloved bilby – but what we didn’t realise was quite how much extra we pay for these seasonal treats.

Comparing the cost per 100 grams of Easter chocolate with the cost per 100 grams of the same brand’s reliable old block chocolate, we found an average markup of nearly 70%. Gift packs were the worst offenders, with an average 115% markup, followed by bunnies (79%) and single hollow eggs (52%.) Ouch.

We’re pretty lucky that it’s the Easter Bunny’s job to buy all those eggs and not ours, right?

But there’s no need to swear off some of your favourite Easter indulgences – the classic Lindt gold bunny only had an 18% markup, and a large bag of Cadbury mini eggs was actually even better value than block chocolate, so it’s all about shopping smart this year.

Check out the best and worst value Easter treats in the table below, or watch our video for a quick snapshot of what we found.

Best and worst value Easter treats

Brand Regular chocolate  (cost per 100g) Easter gift set

(cost per 100g)

Markup Solid foil wrapped eggs (cost per 100g) Markup*
Cadbury $2.75

Dairy Milk block 200g


Dairy milk gift pack

87% $2.46

325g bag

Lindt $4.68

Lindor Milk Chocolate block 100g


Gold bunny farm tractor

185% $4.86

140g pouch

Haigh’s $5.05

Milk Chocolate block 200g


Milk chocolate cod gift tray

189% $6.00

350g bag

Ferrero $5.07

Rocher 30 pack


Rocher egg T16

79% $5.50

Cocoa Dark eggs

Kinder $2.75

16 treat bag


Kinder Surprise Maxi Gift Pack

288% $4.12

Mini eggs


Note: Comparison uses unit prices i.e. cost per 100g of product. Weight is given to identify the product. Non-discounted prices were used.

*The Cadbury 325g bag of mini eggs is cheaper based on unit price than block chocolate and therefore not a markup.

What’s your Easter budget this year – and what’s your plan to make sure you stick to it? Let us know in the comments!

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