5 new credit card incentives you need to know about

Ben Tosi   |   02 Nov 2017


Providers are upping their game ahead of the Christmas shopping season with the Mozo database seeing a range of inviting changes to existing credit card products over the past few days.

The incentives include new cashback offers, extensions to 0% balance transfer periods, cuts to purchase rates and special bonus point offerings from no less than five credit card providers.

“Credit card providers might be looking to entice customers with these special offers, ahead of the festive season,” said Mozo Director, Kirsty Lamont.

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“This time of year represents a good chance for Aussies to nab a deal on their new credit card, but which one you choose really does depend on what you plan on using the card for. Make sure you consider not only the freebies on offer, but whether the card is a good choice for you in general,” said Lamont.

Find out who have headlined the most recent changes and what is now on offer:

1. Bonus point offering

If you’re after a quick way to accrue some serious points, ANZ have upped the bonus point offer for holders of its Frequent Flyer Platinum Card. Travel lovers can now earn a whopping 65,000 Qantas Points simply by spending $2,500 on the card within the first three months.

2. Exclusive membership

Spend a lot of money on wine, especially heading into the festive season? Yesterday saw Mozo’s Provider of the Year, American Express add a completely new feature to its Experts Choice winning Qantas Ultimate Card - complimentary Qantas epiQure Premium Membership.

Choose from a range of boutique wines and produce that won’t just taste great but will also earn you bonus Qantas Points.

3. Budget savvy

If you’re after something a little less extravagant, then the newly renamed Bank of us has made some fresh and frugal alterations to its Visa Credit Card. The changes include waiving the $39 annual fee in the first year and a three basis point cut to its purchase rate which now sits at a low 9.99%.

4. Cashback offer

Australia’s biggest banks have also been getting in on the action with Commonwealth Bank making an attractive cashback offer across its Low Rate and Low Rate Gold credit cards. If you want to earn a smooth $300 back on your purchases, you’ll have to apply for the card before the 4th of February 2018 and spend $1,000 within 90 days of the card being activated.

5. Balance transfer offer

If you’ve got existing debt on your current credit card but are looking to make the switch, HSBC recently extended the 0% balance transfer period from 6 to 12 months on its Platinum Qantas Credit Card. This means that you will have a whole year to pay off the debt you’ve moved across from your old card before you start paying the pricey 21.99% cash advance rate.

Nothing here that takes your fancy? Check out Mozo’s dedicated credit card comparison tables to compare a range of products and their features before deciding which piece of plastic is best for you.

Other credit cards on the market - rates updated daily

  • Apply By 31 October 2018

    Woolworths Everyday Platinum Credit Card

    0% p.a. for 14 months and then 21.99% p.a.

    19.99% p.a.

    $49 $0 in the first year

    10% off your 1st Woolworths shop on selected dates once a month. No annual fee for the first year.

    • 0% p.a. for 14 months and then 21.99% p.a.

    • $49 $0 in the first year

    • 19.99% p.a.

    • 55

    • 21.99% p.a.

    • 3%, minimum $5

    • Woolworths Money Shopping Card sent every 4 months if enough points have been accrued.

    Details Close

  • Bendigo Bank Platinum Rewards Mastercard

    No current offer

    19.99% p.a.


    Up to 55 days interest free. Earn 1.5 Bendigo Rewards points for every dollar spent.

    • No current offer

    • $89

    • 19.99% p.a.

    • 55

    • 21.99% p.a.

    • 0.50%, Min $3.25

    • Bendigo Rewards. Redeem your points for travel, gift cards, shopping gift cards, cashback and retail products.

    Details Close

  • Bankwest Breeze Platinum Mastercard

    0% p.a. for 13 months and then 12.99% p.a. (2.00% balance transfer fee)

    0% p.a. for 13 months then 12.99% p.a.


    Complimentary international travel insurance for yourself and your family when you purchase return tickets

    • 0% p.a. for 13 months and then 12.99% p.a. (2.00% balance transfer fee)

    • $99

    • 0% p.a. for 13 months then 12.99% p.a.

    • 55

    • 21.99% p.a.

    • 2%, Min $4.00

    Details Close

  • Apply By 26 September 2018

    American Express Explorer® Credit Card

    0% p.a. for 12 months and then 20.74% p.a. (1.00% balance transfer fee)

    20.74% p.a.


    Receive 75,000 Membership Rewards® Points (T&Cs apply). Also receive $400 Travel Credit each year.

    • 0% p.a. for 12 months and then 20.74% p.a. (1.00% balance transfer fee)

    • $395

    • 20.74% p.a.

    • 55

    • Transfer points to a range of airline programs or redeem your points for travel, gift cards, retail rewards and shopping gift cards.

    Details Close

  • Apply By 27 November 2018

    Westpac Altitude Black with American Express

    No current offer

    20.24% p.a.

    $499 $300 in the first year

    80k Bonus Points (T&Cs apply). Earn 0.75 Qantas points per $1 spent on eligible purchases.

    • No current offer

    • $499 $300 in the first year

    • 20.24% p.a.

    • 45

    • 20.74% p.a.

    • 2%, Min $2.50, Max $150

    • Points are automatically credited to the Qantas Frequent Flyer program.

    Details Close

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