High proportion of Aussies wouldn’t recommend their electricity provider: Roy Morgan Research

New research conducted by Roy Morgan, which asked participants if they would recommend their electricity provider to a friend or colleague, showed a large majority were either “not at all likely” (16%) or uncertain (24%).

These results were far higher than the smaller proportion that was “extremely likely” to recommend their electricity provider at just 7%.

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Out of the electricity providers Dodo Power & Gas scored the highest ratings with 42% of people living in households ‘quite likely to recommend’ their electricity provider to their friends or colleagues. Following closely behind was TRUenergy at 41% and Red Energy at 39%.

“In this day and age, it’s nearly impossible to conceive of living without electricity. Perhaps for this very reason - that it’s one of those inevitabilities in life - people don’t tend to get too excited about it. In fact, 18% of the population don’t even know which provider their household is connected to,” said Andrew Price, General Manager at Roy Morgan Research.

“What’s more, our data shows that a higher proportion of Australians are ‘not at all likely’ to recommend their provider than those who are extremely likely.”

Price explained that the challenge for energy providers was to stand out from the pack, so that customers not only know who they were but would also recommend them to others. “Sure, the product they’re selling doesn’t vary much from their competitors, but they should at least be able to distinguish themselves through their delivery of the product.”

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