Movember Mozotache Madness

You may have noticed there are more than the usual amount of Tom Selleck and David Boon lookalikes around town these days. This isn’t an 80’s flashback dream you’re having, it’s Movember, the time of year to celebrate the gift of upper lip facial hair. We here at Mozo think it’s about time we dropped the razor and kicked back for the month long “Mozotache Madness”. And to be honest, could we have asked to have a better name here at Mozo to support Movember?

So if anyone is feeling extra generous then perhaps you would like to make a donation to me and my team. We’re called “The Tom Selleck Fan Club” and you can donate via this link:

We’re all in it for the good of the cause, which is for prostate cancer and male depression. Plus, in the spirit of Mozo, the Movember people send you a nice little tax receipt for your tax deductions, helping you to save money off your tax bill at the end of the financial year!

Movember Mozotache Madness was last modified: June 14, 2012 by Rhys Thomas

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