Bank storm warning

Reports of gale-force rate rises, massive savings swells and credit card downpours have hit across Australia.

So Mozo is introducing the country’s first bank-emergency response unit: the Mozo Rate Chasers. This crack team of field experts report back from the front line of finances to get you the latest on banking conditions: the lowest home loans amid a surge of rate rises; the best credit card deals as new providers blow in; the Noah’s Ark of term deposits as the savings flood sets in.

And as conditions intensify, Mozo HQ has upgraded to help navigate the bank storm, with even easier access to huge savings on credit cards and loans despite the treacherous conditions, as well as integrated reviews from real customers to give you eye-witness accounts of bank disasters and financial life-savers.

Check out the Rate Chasers in action.

Stay dry Mozonians!

Bank storm warning was last modified: June 14, 2012 by Mozo

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  1. what a brilliant concept.

    Nobody likes looking for loans….we live in a world were everything needs to be handed to us on a silver platter. And this silver platter looks mighty tasty.

    You guys look like your busy in that 4WD… but how do I know that your figures are accurate, aren’t the rates for loans always varying???

    cash queen x

    1. Mozo

      We have our own in-house Research Team who really do spend all day keeping our database up to date, although not in a 4WD! In reality, our rate chasing is based on a combination of information sent to us by financial institutions, technology to alert us of changes, and a continuous program of checking. You are right in saying that rates can change every day, and our team updates our database and website as new changes come in.


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