Australia Post’s paperless mailbox platform reviewed – #mypostdigital

Australia Post’s paperless mailbox platform reviewed – #mypostdigital

It can be difficult to keep track of the bucket-loads of bills, receipts and all those other niggly docs that come your way. Australia Post is attempting to address this peevish problem and declutter your financial life with its new electronic bill payment and account keeping service called MyPost Digital Mailbox.

What is Australia Post’s MyPost Digital Mailbox?

MyPost Digital Mailbox is a free personal management tool that you can use to receive/pay bills, from providers that have signed up with the service. As long as you have an internet connection, bills can be paid from anywhere with just one click and you can schedule reminders and automatic payments. If you want a hard copy of your bills, you’ll have to download the files and print them out because the majority of your mail will be sent in digital form to the mailbox.

There’s also a digital document keeping section, so you can say goodbye to your old shoebox. All you have to do is scan and upload your documents digitally, such as birth certificates, passports, insurance details and anything else you can think of. The platform uses cloud technology and your privacy is protected from dodgy operators – AKA hackers – with encrypted servers that sit in Australia.

Who’s it good for?

  • Paper hoarders: If your documents are all over the place – desk draw, wallet, handbag etc – you can dejunk your life by paying your bills and storing all your receipts in a single online place.

  • Rewards seekers: Australia Post has teamed up with Virgin to give Velocity Frequent Flyer members 50 juicy Velocity points every time you pay a bill of $50 or more using MyPost Digital Mailbox.

  • Concession holders: If you hold an eligible Federal Government concession card, you’ll get access to MyPost Concession Account’s free booklet that comes with 5 concession postage stamps when you sign up and 50 concession postage stamps a year.

  • Globetrotters: It’s also designed for those jet-setting overseas, as the 1GB of free storage space allows you to save those important documents that include copies of your passport, credit cards and travel insurance details.

How do I sign up with MyPost Digital Mailbox?

To register online you must have a “physical” address in Australia, an Australian mobile number and choose a unique username and password. After you’ve created your account, contact your current service providers to arrange for your mail to go directly to your MyPost Digital Mailbox, instead of your old letterbox or email.

To date, there are only a select number of providers that have joined, including strategic partner Telstra, AMP, Sydney Water and some other local councils. Once you’ve signed into your mailbox you can view the complete provider list.

Can I use MyPost Digital Mailbox on my mobile phone?

Sure can – MyPost Digital Mailbox has a smartphone app available for Apple iPhones (Android version currently in the works) that lets you scan bills and manage your statements and information on the move. Any bill that has an Australian PostBillPay barcode can be scanned with your phone using the app and the bill will automatically be stored in your MyPost Digital Mailbox.

Is MyPost Digital Mailbox new tech?

The short answer is no. Australians have been paying bills with POST BillPay or BPAY and storing docs online using Google Docs or Dropbox for a while. The MyPost Digital Mailbox, in fact follows in the footsteps of Digital Post Australia – created by US digital mail system Zumbox, Computershare and SALMAT – which has been providing Aussies with a digital postbox for almost three years (until recently closing on 31 July 2014 due to a lack of customers). The only major differences between MyPost Digital Mailbox and other online payment platforms, from what we can glean is the digital document keeping section.

The verdict

At the time of writing, MyPost Digital Mailbox doesn’t have many service providers signed up, making it just another platform you have to log into, when you could simply use BPAY to pay all your bills when you log into your bank’s internet banking platform. So until Australia Post enlists more providers, its value as a one stop bill paying platform is debatable.

While the technology may not be revolutionary, we like that it’s a free online service bringing Aussie consumers that much closer to a paperless society. But is it time to say goodbye to the age-old letter box in the front yard? Not yet!

Have you tried Australia Post’s MyPost Digital Mailbox – love it or hate it? Let us know below.

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  1. I joined MyPost Digital Mailbox when it started. now it has changed over to the requirement of a mobile phone to log in it has been a nightmare. The biggest problem it floods my SMS with access numbers which it does not recognise thus denying me access to my mail. I’ve spoken to the call centre plus a tech. I got no where. They behaved as if all they were doing was protecting their turf. I’m still waiting for an arranged phone call from the centre. I’m now trying to cancel my membership I’m waiting and waiting. Regards..