Australia Post’s paperless mailbox platform reviewed – #mypostdigital

Australia Post’s paperless mailbox platform reviewed – #mypostdigital

It can be difficult to keep track of the bucket-loads of bills, receipts and all those other niggly docs that come your way. Australia Post is attempting to address this peevish problem and declutter your financial life with its new electronic bill payment and account keeping service called MyPost Digital Mailbox.

What is Australia Post’s MyPost Digital Mailbox?

MyPost Digital Mailbox is a free personal management tool that you can use to receive/pay bills, from providers that have signed up with the service. As long as you have an internet connection, bills can be paid from anywhere with just one click and you can schedule reminders and automatic payments. If you want a hard copy of your bills, you’ll have to download the files and print them out because the majority of your mail will be sent in digital form to the mailbox.

There’s also a digital document keeping section, so you can say goodbye to your old shoebox. All you have to do is scan and upload your documents digitally, such as birth certificates, passports, insurance details and anything else you can think of. The platform uses cloud technology and your privacy is protected from dodgy operators – AKA hackers – with encrypted servers that sit in Australia.

Who’s it good for?

  • Paper hoarders: If your documents are all over the place – desk draw, wallet, handbag etc – you can dejunk your life by paying your bills and storing all your receipts in a single online place.

  • Rewards seekers: Australia Post has teamed up with Virgin to give Velocity Frequent Flyer members 50 juicy Velocity points every time you pay a bill of $50 or more using MyPost Digital Mailbox.

  • Concession holders: If you hold an eligible Federal Government concession card, you’ll get access to MyPost Concession Account’s free booklet that comes with 5 concession postage stamps when you sign up and 50 concession postage stamps a year.

  • Globetrotters: It’s also designed for those jet-setting overseas, as the 1GB of free storage space allows you to save those important documents that include copies of your passport, credit cards and travel insurance details.

How do I sign up with MyPost Digital Mailbox?

To register online you must have a “physical” address in Australia, an Australian mobile number and choose a unique username and password. After you’ve created your account, contact your current service providers to arrange for your mail to go directly to your MyPost Digital Mailbox, instead of your old letterbox or email.

To date, there are only a select number of providers that have joined, including strategic partner Telstra, AMP, Sydney Water and some other local councils. Once you’ve signed into your mailbox you can view the complete provider list.

Can I use MyPost Digital Mailbox on my mobile phone?

Sure can – MyPost Digital Mailbox has a smartphone app available for Apple iPhones (Android version currently in the works) that lets you scan bills and manage your statements and information on the move. Any bill that has an Australian PostBillPay barcode can be scanned with your phone using the app and the bill will automatically be stored in your MyPost Digital Mailbox.

Is MyPost Digital Mailbox new tech?

The short answer is no. Australians have been paying bills with POST BillPay or BPAY and storing docs online using Google Docs or Dropbox for a while. The MyPost Digital Mailbox, in fact follows in the footsteps of Digital Post Australia – created by US digital mail system Zumbox, Computershare and SALMAT – which has been providing Aussies with a digital postbox for almost three years (until recently closing on 31 July 2014 due to a lack of customers). The only major differences between MyPost Digital Mailbox and other online payment platforms, from what we can glean is the digital document keeping section.

The verdict

At the time of writing, MyPost Digital Mailbox doesn’t have many service providers signed up, making it just another platform you have to log into, when you could simply use BPAY to pay all your bills when you log into your bank’s internet banking platform. So until Australia Post enlists more providers, its value as a one stop bill paying platform is debatable.

While the technology may not be revolutionary, we like that it’s a free online service bringing Aussie consumers that much closer to a paperless society. But is it time to say goodbye to the age-old letter box in the front yard? Not yet!

Have you tried Australia Post’s MyPost Digital Mailbox – love it or hate it? Let us know below.

Australia Post’s paperless mailbox platform reviewed – #mypostdigital was last modified: June 26, 2015 by Rebeccah Elley

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  1. I joined MyPost Digital Mailbox when it started. now it has changed over to the requirement of a mobile phone to log in it has been a nightmare. The biggest problem it floods my SMS with access numbers which it does not recognise thus denying me access to my mail. I’ve spoken to the call centre plus a tech. I got no where. They behaved as if all they were doing was protecting their turf. I’m still waiting for an arranged phone call from the centre. I’m now trying to cancel my membership I’m waiting and waiting. Regards..

  2. I received an email letting me know I had a new bill but can’t log into my own mailbox. It accepted my user name and password but the additional security step of an SMS just didn’t happen so I am locked out. I called technical support and the operator was only interested in asking questions and offering no assistance. I was reluctant to keep offering her more and more information about myself (which they have on file anyway) just so she could “pass it on”. I asked if she could get “them” to call me and let me know what the issue was and I would provide to “them” whatever they needed to verify me. Will now close the mailbox – I was only trying to help Australia Post out anyway – as it is clearly not working.

  3. I like it. The app seems great – the ability to set a PIN for login is appreciated and inline with what the banks do, avoiding SMS.

    SMS is working well. No issues at all post multiple logins.

    If other services such as Link Market Services for instance can send share notifications and the like (rather than spam my already spammed email), it will be a good win, granted it’s not a bill, yet if the service can be used as a mail replacement as well as a billing platform I think it’ll have 1 up on bpay-view.

  4. This service might seem like a good idea but I have had all sorts of problems since joining to pay my FCRC rates. I gave up trying to sort out my problems through their email help line….they are hopeless. I rang them about not being able to receive SMS codes to access my account whilst overseas and they assured me that as long as I didn’t delete cookies I would not need to….wrong again.
    So I contacted FCRC to reluctantly revert back to paper mail and guess what….I can only do this by accessing my Digital Mail box!

  5. Hate it. Cant access my mail because lost my phone and changed mobile numbers been waiting months for customer service to assist me

  6. When I signed up in 2014, there were only few providers. But now my banking, water bills (still waiting on my council to signup) are linked to digital mailbox. I get reminders when the payments are due, so I don’t get charged if I forget to pay. This is a great service. My receipts are stored in one location and are easily accessible.

    1. I just did this by clicking ‘forgot username’. It arrived in my registered email. I then used this username to click ‘forgot password’ and received an email with ‘reset password’ link. I created new password and can log in. Just can’t login to the mobile app now!

  7. I set it up 2014 before I went overseas to have access to several bills and documents. It worked great for me last year. Then they changed the access with the SMS codes, which only works with Australian mobile numbers.

    A few weeks before leaving this year I called them and asked if there is a way to access it without SMS, otherwise I would have to organise alternative ways to get to my documents. They told me that they have an alternative way without SMS for these cases, but it may need a few days to set it up for me. I trusted them, but then nothing happened over the following weeks, despite I emailed several times inquiring the progress.

    I am leaving tomorrow so I called today, claiming my case number (01774798) and asking whether it has been activated, just to get a lesson from an extremely rude and opinionated lady telling me that they will not offer me an alternative method because she can see that I own an Australian mobile number therefore there will be no way to access it without this number from overseas.

    So although I have an email from two weeks ago where they promised me to help, now less than 24 hours before departure they let me stand in the rain. Now it is too late to organise alternatives, so I find myself in the situation that I will not be able to access my documents for the next two months. What a mistake to trust Australia Post!

    My suggestion: Stay clear of this. Do not trust this mop. DO NOT USE IT!

  8. I signed up and then I realised the following..
    1. Only two providers I use are on it.
    2. Limited storage.
    3. I could not delete my account. I could not find this information anywhere. I have contacted AusPost for this info but have not yet received advice.

    Don’t bother until more providers.

  9. I haven’t signed up for this as I already have a digital mailbox ! Yep its called email.

    I keep getting messages from aust post telling me I have receipts and bills in my mailbox but have never signed up for one!

  10. Likewise. Changed mobile numbers. The code is sent to my old number. Contacted AUS post on their e-support ticket website. The ticket has been closed, with no solution offered. Called their telephone hotline. I use “hotline” very loosely, because there was a wait of 20 minutes. She took down the nature of the issue, said it will be “passed on”.

    It’s now nearly a month. Haven’t heard anything from them. Stay well clear from any of these fancy services offered by Aus post.

  11. I received an email letting me know I had a new bill but couldn’t log into my own mailbox. It accepted my user name and password but the additional security step of an SMS just didn’t happen so I am locked out. I called technical support and the operator and they logged a tech job. 5 days later I rephoned because no one had contacted me and I was told that the job would be escalated. 2 days later I phoned again to be told that it would now be escalated and that I should just find another way to pay my bill – not really helpful when supposedly this is what this box is for. I then sent an email of complaint. 3 days later still no phone call and no email I sent a 2nd email. I have now paid the bill over the phone with the provider. I will now close the mailbox as it obviously doesn’t work and just created more work rather than streamlining my bills. I am happy that I hadn’t yet transferred all my bills to a system that doesn’t work.

  12. I normally Bpay my bills and store documents online so I thought this would be good. The Digital Mailbox is complicated and adds another layer of difficulty to simply paying a bill. It does not have enough scope of service providers and it will probably take a long time for Australia Post to get around to negotiation agreements with all the businesses we deal with. Not worth the time or effort for the payoff.

  13. I get sent an email suggesting I use MyPost Digital to receive my PO box invoice. I accept this suggestion and then get sent an activation email. I click on this and am presented with a screen to enter my account details (Account setup). All fields work ok except the address field that responds “invalid address” to all and any entry. Have tried on Chrome and IE browsers – same problem. I thought I would download the ios app and sign up that way until I read all the negative feedback on the app. Australia Post – You are a disgrace. Not touching this with a barge pole.

  14. I signed up before they implemented mobile phone authentication. I live in a rural area with no mobile reception so it’s useless to me. When they forced mobile authentication I told them I had no mobile phone or mobile reception and their “new” security meant I could not log on to my mailbox – and they basically said tough – mobile authentication was a “requirement placed on them by Government” – Total BS. I closed my account with them as it was a waste of time anyway – nothing I couldn’t do by simple email.

  15. Tried to set up Aus Post digital mailbox. We are a business sending frequent parcels by Austpost and it could be useful receiving the tracking numbers by email. However when setting up you are required to use a mobile phone to sign in and receive SMS. We are not in a mobile phone reception area. Rang Auspost and they replied there is no alternative. We can receive SMS on our home phone, but they would not accept that. Inflexibility?
    That is how you loose customers.

  16. SMS for signin is a deal-breaker for me. The number they have on file is out-dated, I don’t have access to that number anymore and there is no link to change it. I couldn’t be bothered with this thing and gave up.

  17. Auspost is a complete failure. The team behind it is a failure. Thank God it is a private company or I would be annoyed my tax money was being wasted on such a project. I am trying to delete my account, however no options.

  18. This is not a very user-friendly service because you need to log in every time, even if it’s just to view some advertising they are sending you. The message “You have received a new letter from Australia Post – Communications” could be anything from a critical message to advertising”. As for the bill paying, it doesn’t have any advantage over direct debit or Billpay offerings from the banks or from the bill provider. The one good thing is that it (sometimes) lets me know when there is a parcel waiting at the Post Office. Unfortunately, even this function isn’t very reliable.

  19. I’ve read enough. I am looking for a secure email system that only accepts mail from authenticated and registered users because I am sick to death of receiving spam and phishing emails. Not sure if this fits the bill, but for sure enough people are having trouble for me to steer clear of it.

    What is worse is there is no indication that anyone from AusPost even reads these messages let alone responds to them. And clearly the support is pretty much non existent. Way to go Auspost.

  20. I applied for a Police Clearance. Got a receipt (nearly $53!) but then every time I tried to log in it told me the entries don’t match. Went to put my email in but now says that has been used, get another one! Can I do something here? I have not been this frustrated for some time, there are no contacts to send a problem to, and I bet the lady at the AusPost counter doesn’t know much either. By the way, this is my correct email, to let you all know. Anyone from AusPost listening? God help us if they start using drones as threatened.

  21. Has anyone ever used the automated machine in the Epping Plaza Post Office to post a parcel and been given the wrong change. e.g. Put in a $ 50.00 not and only got change for a $ 20.00.
    This happened to me a Epping but I would be interested to know if it has happen to anyone with the automated machine in any Post Office in Australia. They then said they couldn’t open the machine to see my $50.00 note until the end of the day and couldn’t ring me after the machine was balanced as this would cause over-time (how long does it take to make a phone call) and he would ring me the next day. The next day I got no phone call by 9.30 am so I rung a number I had been given because I asked for one and was told sorry he doesn’t work today (the Sat morning) and no one here knows anything. I won’t go on but has anyone ever had this happen please?

  22. Hate it. I was signed up when applying for a passport. I didn’t ask for the service but they used the information from my passport application to set it up. Dodgey as all hell in my opinion!

    I keep getting emails telling me I have mail, but I can’t access it as the login requires a mobile phone number to verify. I don’t have a mobile number and certainly didn’t supply one on the passport application.

    I can’t setup my own digital mailbox now, because the system already “has used that email address – please use a different one or login and change it” GGRRRR!!!!!!

    I can’t delete it and all I want is to stop the spamming emails they send. God knows what important mail of mine they are now sending to this “locked box” that I will never receive?

  23. how do you store bills in files, its not easy to understand they could make it simpler or send out instructions I am trying to run a paperless office and their filing system is not user-friendly


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