Top 5 money saving, spending and tracking apps to download now

Top 5 money saving, spending and tracking apps to download now

The great thing about the digital age is there are plenty of great apps that can be downloaded for free to help you manage everything from your incomings and outgoings to your everyday purchases.

So if you’re ready to get thrifty with some money management apps, here are 5 we highly recommend checking out:

1. MoneySmart’s Track My Spend

This app is great to use over a set period of time i.e. a pay cheque period or if you’re following a set budget as a way to know exactly where every cent of your money is spent. It allows you to categorise your purchases into things like transport, entertainment / eating out and personal / medical and choose whether the purchase is a need or a want.  

Being accountable for your spending and seeing where your money goes can make a big difference to how you create a budget moving forward, so the potential for savings from this app could be huge.   

2. Forex Money Transfer by OzForex

One of the world’s largest international money transfer providers has recently launched an app to make transferring money faster and easier while you’re on the go and at all hours of the night. The app let’s you make transfers in 48 currencies, review past transactions and check market exchange rates.

How does it save me money you ask? Well, for Mozonians, OzForex is waiving all fees on transfers over AUD$1,000. To register, visit Ozforex and mention Mozo to make your next transfer fee free.  

The Forex Money Transfer app is available to download now from both the App Store and Google Play.

3. Pocketbook

Syncing your bank accounts with this app means there is nowhere to hide with your income and spending habits. You input your salary, bills and savings target and it tracks just how much you have left to “safely spend” without eating into your savings or reserve for bills. Notifications also mean you know when you’re paying a bank fee or when your next bill is due.

It does take a few minutes to set up but it’s very accurate and does all the working out for you. Another thing to be mindful of is while it tracks your spending from your accounts, it doesn’t automatically track all those odd cash purchases so you need to be diligent with this.

4. Splitwise

If you’re regularly going out, paying bills or holidaying with a group of friends or flatmates, this app is designed to take care of all the split bills and IOUs that come with. It lets you make PayPal payments, send IOUs and receive reminders when payments are due. While not everyone has to use the app, it makes it easier if you are all on board to see exactly which amounts are going where.

5. PayPal.Me

This allows you to make payments to friends and family who use PayPal via text, email, post or web page, without having to enter your details. You can also choose how you pay i.e. via a bank account, credit card or PayPal balance. Plus you can use this app to execute multiple payments or split bills.

What’s your favourite money management app?

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