7 weeks ’til Xmas: Becoming a frugal foodie

7 weeks ’til Xmas: Becoming a frugal foodie

We’ve entered week 4 of Mozo’s Santa Saver Challenge, where we show you how a quick pantry audit and BYO lunches for a week can add up to $200 to your Christmas cash stash.     

Potential savings by eating down the pantry: $157

When was the last time you had a good look inside your kitchen pantry? Chances are, you’ll discover numerous foods (pasta, tuna, beans, nuts etc) that are nearing their expiry date. This week’s challenge is to cut down your grocery shop, use up the goods in your pantry and get creative with your cook ups. While you’re at it also have a look inside your freezer to see if there’s any frozen foods that can be defrosted and added to your meals.

According to Money Smart, the average single Australian spends $104 on food and drink in a week and this climbs up to $314 for a couple with kids whose eldest child is between 14-24. So by sourcing 50% of your ingredients from your pantry and freezer this week, you could potentially save $52 and if you’re a family $157.

It might require a bit of meal planning but thankfully there are plenty of online guides that provide cooking ideas for staple pantry items, like this article from Cooking Light that runs you through 10 quick and easy recipes from your pantry.

Money saved by BYO lunches in a week: $43

Sure, buying a $10 sandwich for lunch is super convenient, but why not give your inner MasterChef a wake up call before the big Christmas lunch and start experimenting in the kitchen? It will not only be healthier than the cafe next door, it’ll also save you some considerable coin in just five working days.

For instance, earlier in the year one Mozo staffer took on the BYO lunch challenge and after the cost of the extra ingredients were added into the equation, she pocketed a nice sum of $43 over the working week.

But making meal plans every day is tough (not to mention downright boring). So plan ahead, buy your groceries on the weekend, make extra at dinner and let your body and credit card detox through the week.     


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