Award winning $5 notes – Aus vs NZ

Award winning $5 notes – Aus vs NZ

It’s a long-held and much-loved Aussie tradition to claim for ourselves anything New Zealand does right. Pavlova? Split Enz? Totally our ideas. Australia has collectively decided to ignore New Zealand’s involvement in our cultural icons. We even nicked Phar Lap.

But in the wake of Australia’s much talked about new $5 note, it seems NZ has us beat at at least one thing we can’t sneakily take credit for.

That’s right, as Australia prepares to welcome a $5 note decorated with ill-advised patterns you’d probably see a doctor for, the kiwi fiver has just been crowned the banknote of the year for 2015.

The note was praised for its “stunning orange and brown” design and “gorgeous polymer window”. And ok, we’re big enough to admit that it is very nice.

Source: IBNS

But, as a matter of national pride, we couldn’t just let this rest. So here are four reasons why our new $5 note – however you feel about it – trumps the New Zealander effort.

  1. You won’t lose it in the dark. New Zealand’s fiver might be stylish and sleek with its muted colour palette and tasteful graphics – but is that going to help you when you drop it in the parking lot at 2am? No. But the bright yellow splotches of wattle on the new Aussie note are so… luminous, you’ll find lost notes in no time.
  2. It’s still worth more. Check out foreign exchange rates today and you’ll see that no matter how ugly it is, the Aussie fiver is worth roughly $5.50 in New Zealand. Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!
  3. The polymer make of the banknote was mentioned as being increasingly popular for  durability and security – which was part of the criteria for best banknote. Now, not to sound petty, but the CSIRO invented the polymer banknote. So… sorry, New Zealand, but this one we really did come up with first.
  4. Its easier to save. We can’t prove this one, but consider how sophisticated you’d feel paying for your flat white (another invention whose origin is up for debate) with an NZ fiver. Now picture pulling the new Aussie effort out of your wallet in front of a shop full of people. We think it’s reasonable to assume those Aussie $5 notes will be parked in wallets for a good long while, and then dropped quickly and quietly into a high interest savings account.
Source: Mashable
Source: Mashable

There you have it! The Aussie $5 may not have won some fancy award but guess what? It wasn’t even eligible. To win, notes need to have been released in the competition year and be in circulation. Which means it will be eligible for the 2016 award.

So what do you think? Is the new Aussie fiver a shoe in for the 2016 title? Let us know in the comments.


P.S. Congrats New Zealand. We’re pretty chuffed for you.

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