DIY Xmas gifts requiring minimal effort (or dollars)


December 25 is only days away, and if you’ve spent more than you wanted to on Christmas gifts already, hold off from hitting the shops again until you read this.

From the sweetest candy cane scrub to boozy hot chocolate, these DIY projects will make you think twice about paying too much for a present again…

Candy cane scrub: $20.60 for 4 sugar scrubs

Image credit: Pop SugarImage credit: Pop Sugar

Key supplies:

  • 1 kg white sugar: $1
  • Candy cane 10 pack: $1
  • Peppermint essential oil: $6.60
  • Jars: $12 for 4 or $3 each (all from Coles online)

Body scrubs may be popular stocking fillers, but start to add up when you buy them from mid-range brands (here’s looking at you, Lush). Little did you know, that most ingredients needed to make your own scrub are already in the pantry. Follow this minty fresh concoction we found at Pop Sugar, where you’ll be crushing candy canes with a rolling pin and sprinkling them into jam jars.

Tip: Sterilise your jars with boiling hot water, and wait for them to dry completely before filling up.

Boozy hot chocolate kit: $17.75 for 1  

xmas-gifts-02Image credit: Buzzfeed

Key ingredients:

  • Cocoa powder: $4
  • Caster sugar: $1.86
  • Chocolate: $1.40
  • Marshmallows: $2
  • Jars: $12 for 4 or $3 each (all from Coles online)
  • Baileys mini: $5.49 (Dan Murphy’s)

Hot chocolate tastes better with alcohol, so give that hipster on your list a boozy drink kit and his or her Instagram followers will love it just as much. Like the festive DIY skin cosmetics mentioned above, making one up won’t require much time or money spent in the shops. Raid your kitchen for the main ingredients, then buy a mini liquor bottle suited to the person you’re giving it to, whether it’s a Baileys, Tia Maria or whiskey. Full recipe via Buzzfeed.

Christmas toffees $4.15 for 8, plus kitchen equipment

xmas-gifts-03Image credit:


  • Olive oil spray: $2.15
  • Caster sugar: $1
  • Red food colouring: $1 (all from Coles online)

Now we’ve run through an alcoholic gift for grown ups, here’s a DIY idea suited to kids or those young at heart. Toothache inducing toffees are an old fashioned relic of Christmas, so bring it back to life with a modern twist using this recipe we found at Don’t hold back on decorating them, as they’ll sit nicely on an Xmas tree too.

Tip: If you don’t have a candy thermometer at home, buy one at Kmart for around $10.

Xmass-y bath bombs: $42.94 for supplies to make a bunch

xmas-gifts-04Image credit: Etsy

Main supplies:

  • Moulds: $10 (Etsy)
  • Sweet almond oil: $18.99 (Chemist Warehouse)
  • Citric acid: $12.95 (
  • Red food colouring: $1 (Coles online)

Another body product favourite that looks damn good too is none other than the colourful bath bomb. Kidspot has a great recipe that doubles up as a fun activity for children. It’s all very hands on, but make sure you and the little ones use rubber gloves to avoid the food dye staining your fingers.

DIY sharpie mug: from $2.75 for 1

xmas-gifts-05Image credit: Mum It Forward


  • Sharpie: $2 (Officeworks)
  • Mug: 75c (Kmart)

Do you spend hours browsing through DIY boards on Pinterest without ever making anything? Well all it takes to personalise a mug is a touch of creativity and standard oven skills. The Thousands detailed the step by step process here, which really only requires you to choose a mug and Sharpie branded pen. Doodle on the ceramic, then set it in the oven.

Are you into DIY gift making too? Share your favourites with a comment below.

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