Rookie mistakes serious shoppers never make on Boxing Day


Some shoppers take on the Boxing Day sales like champs. They’re the chilled ones in sneakers, strolling around with everything they set out to buy. Meanwhile, others go home tired and grumpy after hours of overspending on junk.

Does the latter sound like you? Become a pro by never making these six rookie mistakes when you rock up to the biggest sale of 2016…

Mistake #1: Not having a game plan.

The cardinal rule when it comes to shopping on Boxing Day is owning your game plan. If you don’t have one, an innocent day of buying bargains could easily tip your credit card balance over the limit. Don’t let that happen and make sure you…

a) Set your budget. Suss out what you can afford to spend on Boxing Day deals. If you don’t have a fully fledged budget to draw upon, get one with our free calculator.

b) Make a list. Whether you need a NYE party dress or leather satchel for work, writing each thing down in order of priority will give you a competitive edge. That way, you can tweak your list to the budget, decide how much you’re prepared to pay for each item, and trim that list if needed.

Mistake #2: Leaving gift cards at home.

If Santa drops a gift card in your Christmas stocking this year, take it with you to the Boxing Day sales. That way, you’ll be getting more bang for your voucher.

Tip: Remember, most retailers can split transactions, so if your gift card falls short, seize the opportunity to accrue points and make up the difference with a suitable rewards credit card.

Mistake #3: Arriving late.

Christmas hangover or not, rocking up late to your favourite bricks and mortar store on Boxing Day is guaranteed to give you the sweats. Savvy shoppers check operating hours in advance and queue before the doors even open to snag the most coveted items on their lists.

Tip: Because you can’t be in two places at once, work out which stores to visit first. Time goes quickly when you’re shopping up a storm in the masses!

Mistake #4: Wearing the wrong shoes.

Seriously fashionista, only a rookie would wear high heels to bargain hunt in. Wear sneakers instead to conserve energy on the day. How else are you going to run across the floor for that designer handbag at 70% off? Or if you’ll be trying on plenty of outfits, wear comfy shoes like Birkenstocks instead.

Tip: Don’t stop at sensible footwear. Swap skinny jeans for a loosely fitted outfit so trying on clothes is easy.

Mistake #5: Shopping in person or online only.

On Boxing Day you can take advantage of sales online or in the shops. But the switched on consumer will mix and match to nab the best deals from both worlds.

Tip: While some sites may offer discounts not seen in bricks and mortar stores, there’s no harm in asking a salesperson to price match an item advertised cheaper elsewhere. Just make sure you can prove it with a printout or screenshot on your phone.

Mistake #6: Ignoring return policies.

This may surprise you, but retailers aren’t actually required to offer you an exchange or refund if you change your mind. On the plus side, different stores have their own policies, like letting you return items within a set number of days after purchase.

Tip: As a rule of thumb, don’t buy something unless you really want it. Going in and out of shopping centres on your Xmas break can be a drag.

What if you could save even more in the Boxing Day sales? Learn how to haggle at the shops via this nifty infographic.

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