Mozo Experts Choice Awards reveal the best credit card is...

...different for everyone. Mozo’s 2016 Experts Choice Credit Card Awards celebrated a wide range of winners across eight different categories, showing that there really isn’t a one-size-fits-all option when it comes to a credit card.

Award categories included Low Rate Credit Card, No Annual Fee Card, Low Fee Platinum Card, Low Rate Platinum Card, Balance Transfer Credit Card, Rewards Credit Card, Premium Rewards Card and Retail Rewards Card.

Breaking the awards, which compared 175 credit cards from 59 different providers, up into these categories, aims to help Aussies find a credit card that will suit their personal spending style and needs - something that is sometimes easier said than done.

“Credit cards are frequently used as a convenient way to pay, yet many consumers still get stung with sky high rates and annual fees, or choose the wrong card for their particular financial situation,” said Mozo Director Kirsty Lamont.

“The rationale behind these awards is to help consumers save money and highlight the best value credit cards in the market right now depending on their needs.”

Some of the winners who did well in multiple categories included AMEX, who swept up 7 awards in total with its Essential Credit Card, Qantas Discovery Card, and Velocity Escape Card and Bankwest, with 6 awards shared between its Breeze and Zero MasterCard lines.

Other winners across multiple categories were Bank of Melbourne, St.George and BankSA, which all got to take home 4 awards apiece.

NAB was the most prolific winner out of the big banks, coming in at a respectable 4 awards, 2 of which went to its Low Rate Credit Card. It was followed by ANZ, which took out 3 awards, with CommBank and Westpac both snagging 2 awards each.

See the full list of Experts Choice Credit Card Awards winners here.

But overall, the winners list showed a massive amount of diversity this year - a result Mozo’s Director of Comparison Data Services, Andrew Duncanson, put down to the fact that the right card for you depends on how you use it.

Duncanson said that although many of the winners took home awards from multiple categories, no provider was a winner across all categories, and so the experts were actually unable to award a Credit Card Issuer of the Year.

“That just goes to show how important it is for Aussie spenders to shop around for a card that works for them. If you’re not interested in rewards, why pay a higher annual fee for a card with a rewards program attached? Instead, you might be better off opting for a No Annual Fee or Low Rate award winner,” added Lamont.

“It really is about finding out what kind of card works for you and then finding the best option to suit those needs. Which is what the Mozo Experts Choice Awards are all about.”

Ready to find the right credit card for your wallet? Start by checking out the winners of a 2016 Mozo Experts Choice Award. You can also compare Mozo’s entire database with our credit card comparison tool.