When is Australia’s next big online sale?

Photo: Shopify Burst

November starts the silly season, at least when it comes to Christmas shopping

That’s because it offers three major sales events to scoop up deals and cross off wishlists: Black Friday, Click Frenzy and Singles' Day.

But for the uninitiated shopper, the hype around all this manic pre-Christmas action can be as dizzying as a mob storming New York’s Bloomingdales!

It needn’t run you over though, it just takes a little holiday sales prep. So here goes - let’s take a quick look at the three big November sales to circle and budget for. 

When do Click Frenzy sales start?

Click Frenzy is a locally devised online sale in the vein of America’s Black Friday. Such has been its success that several clickable frenzies land throughout the year. 

Each lets you shop multiple brands and experiences from one centralised place, the Click Frenzy hub site. What’s on offer? Well, big discounts in a very short amount of frenzied time. 

Keep in mind, all the madness isn’t limited to the Click Frenzy site. There are also sale events with associated brands hosted on their own online stores. Here at Mozo we’ll be tracking the big ones, so be sure to check in with us regularly.

Click Frenzy in brief:

Time: “The Main Event” is 8-10 November

Brands: Most of Australia’s favourite big names, including Rebel, JB Hi-Fi, Jo Malone, Reebok, Weber, Ben Sherman, Superdry and many more.

Potential discounts: Click Frenzy members can access 99% off deals.

When do Singles’ Day sales start?

By sales volume, Singles’ Day is about the biggest thing going around retail. This event, which started in China, is said to move more goods than Black Friday, Cyber Monday and Santa Claus combined.

And yet, it all came out of an anti-Valentine's Day sentiment, which one might assume means no cards or gifts. Yet here we are, with apparently more cards and gifts than you can stuff into a 24-hour shopping spree.

Some quick research will show you that just about anything can be purchased during this mega sale, from clothes, to shoes, to games and amazingly, even houses. What will the anti-Valentine’s brigade think of next?

Singles’ Day in brief:

Time: 11 November

Brands: A lot of big ones but this event is still growing in Australia, so watch this space.

Potential discounts: 50% off seems common practice.

When do Black Friday sales start? 

On hype alone, Black Friday surely is king! It all starts on the 25th of November, just after our American pals have cleaned up their Thanksgiving plates. So set your watches for the stroke of midnight, though some stores will load up on inventory and unleash their sales early. Just set your watches, people!

Or simply visit our Black Friday hub, we’ll be keeping track.

Just about everything under the sun will be on offer. So whether you’re shopping for something lush and luxurious, techy, tactile or terrifically cheap, Black Friday should have a deal to lighten up your pre-Christmas shopping mood. Our friends at Techradar also have a good preview of what might be on offer.

Black Friday in brief:

Date: 25 November

Big brands: Myer, Amazon, The Iconic, Catch, Adidas, Sephora - an endless list.

Potential discounts: Everything from 15% off to 95% off.

Finally, if you need more Christmas shopping ideas, be sure to check out our Online Shopping hub.