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October 2012

Cruises 'are now more accessible to Aussies'

Cruises 'are now more accessible to Aussies'

One of the best ways to see numerous countries during one single trip is to embark on a luxury cruise. According to Cruiseabout national marketing manager Katie Burton, there are now far more liners leaving the country and Australia is expected to make up five per cent of the world's cruising market by 2020. She told Escape that two and three-night trips to different parts of Asia will prove popular among Aussies who are eventually bound for Europe in the next few years. Cruising obviously carries many advantages, but is it accessible to Australians who are on a budget? Ms Burton certainly seems to think so. "There are more itineraries and shorter sectors, which means that travellers can experience larger, luxurious cruise liners without spending a fortune," she was quoted as saying. Meanwhile, Escape's cruise guru Brad Crouch stated that China will emerge as a hub for cruise ship passengers. "Such cruises – at very affordable prices – also take in ports in nations such as Singapore, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan and Korea," he remarked. Of course, the increased availability of travel credit cards also makes it far easier for Aussies to take in numerous countries in a short space of time. Whereas in previous years people were forced to change their dollars every time they docked at a different port, new multi-currency cards mean that tourists can load all of the money they need on to one piece of plastic. As well as being more convenient, these cards can also heighten a person's chances of receiving the best exchange rates, as they can be "locked in" at the time of purchase – thus protecting travellers from a sudden dip in the value of the Aussie dollar. Although Australia's currency is going through a rocky patch at the moment, those planning an Asian excursion can still get 6.4 Chinese yuan for one dollar. Meanwhile, a single buck will also get you 21,306 Vietnamese dong in return.

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RBA expected to cut interest rates in October

RBA expected to cut interest rates in October

After three months of holding the official cash rate steady at 3.50%, the Reserve Bank of Australia is expected to cut interest rates by 25 basis points when it meets this coming Tuesday, 2 October, 2012.

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