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December 2022

Five ways summer heat can damage your home

Five ways summer heat can damage your home, and what to do

Ahh, sunny weather. Seems like bliss after floods and fires! But the intense Australian summer heat can still damage your home, not all of which is covered by home and contents insurance. And this Aussie summer is set to be a scorcher thanks to El Niño.

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Dog and puppy name ideas

Dog and puppy name ideas for 2023

Not sure what to name your new puppy? No woz – here are 101 bone-afide dog names to get the creative juices flowing. Sign that pet insurance certificate with pride!

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10 money topics to tune up on in 2023

Costly groceries. Larger energy bills. Higher home loan rates. It can all add up!But the new year brings a chance to reset your money matters. Yes, it's time to park the financial woes and start some good habits! So to help, the following list offers resources about all of our most pressing money queries, from understanding interest rates to bringing down energy costs.

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Secret to being a good santa this christmas

The secret to being a good Santa this Christmas

Secret Santa is not much of a secret in 2022 - it's everywhere! But where did this little tradition start?It really does seem like a game created in a corner office somewhere as a way to make gift giving less arduous. But the internet will tell you that the idea started with an American man named Larry Dean Stewart who secretly donated $100 notes to random people. He did this as an act of goodwill for 25 years through the eighties and into the 2000s before revealing his secret. After people heard about all that generosity, Secret Santa gained snow tyre-like traction. Beside the niceness of it, there's an obvious simplicity involved: it's a way to get Christmas presents in perhaps a smaller, more cost effective way, that also removes the obligation of buying piles of stuff. If you’ve been hiding inside a large stocking each year and missed this trend, here’s the lowdown: Secret Santa or Kris Kringle as it's also known asks participants, be they family, friends or co-workers, to buy just one gift for one person within the group – secretly. Everyone gets one, everyone’s happy. So while it reduces the pressure that many feel to shop come Christmas, it’s also become more appealing as higher living costs hit.We play this game in our house and enjoy it, but it has had me wondering if something is lost in not giving to more than one person? I might be in the minority but I kind of liked thinking about gift ideas for different members of my family. So, I’ve been wondering, are there other ways to share the festive vibe without watering the tradition down to economics? I suppose you could either buy very cheap gifts, or just make them. (Easier said than done, right!) Many of us probably want to make small purchases, or at least buy the materials to create something simple, but that's where the inquiry stops because, well, what exactly constitutes a decent homemade gift? I have no idea.So to help figure this out, I took on some heavy duty Googling for you (you can thank me later with a hand-drawn card). This short list might just give you the start you need to go from Secret Santa, to a very Obvious Elf, if that's something, like me, you were hoping to achieve. 1. Ornaments and decorations: You can buy pretty inexpensive ornaments for under $10, and as tiny as they may be, they can be really pleasing to the eye. You can also make ornaments pretty easily, be it out of Fimo clay, paddle pop sticks, cardboard or even pine cones. Sure, you'll need some ribbon, or paint, maybe some glue, but this type of thing is available at the $2 shop if it's not already in the top draw of your desk. 2. Homemade jam or chutney: Some fruit, sugar, spice and all things nice. All you need is a pan, heat and a few ingredients. Oh, and a bit of time to cook it down, then pour into a nice looking jar. A ribbon might be nice, too.3. A music playlist: Back in the day a mix tape meant a lot, and while today's digital playlists aren't as tangible, they can still be fun. Why not pull some meaningful tracks together to share with a loved one. It’s a nice thought, and that can be all you need for "the most wonderful time of the year." 4. Candles: Yes, there can be some pricey ones, but basic low cost fragrant candles are easy to find at supermarkets and dollar stores, too. You can spruce them up a little as well by adding a handmade card. This one is literally five minutes of work and can look very appealing. If you need a bit more help with your Christmas shopping, we have plenty of helpful guides, like this one about the top video games for kids. Still feeling indecisive? Why not try the Boxing Day sales which we've also curated for you!

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Summer islands and winter wonderlands

Five beautiful islands and five winter wonderlands for Aussies travellers this summer

Summer is coming for Australians, and it promises to be a hot one. So if you're keen to visit a tropical island to escape to a winter wonderland this season, it's great to know there are plenty of amazing options to love. After all, paradise can look hot or cold, no matter the season, and travel insurance applies to snow and oceanic adventures alike.

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8 unconventional Christmas movies you can stream right now

Are you tired of the cookie-cutter Christmas movies that emerge from hibernation to ring in the silly season each December? We’ve found 8 unconventional Christmas movies you can stream these holidays that break the mould of the bog-standard Hallmark feature.

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How high will interest rates go

How high will interest rates go in 2024?

The last two years have been gruelling for anyone with a home loan, with thirteen Reserve Bank rate hikes adding around 3.75% to the average mortgage rate — and over $1,300 to the typical borrower’s monthly repayments.

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Keeping to a budget when you re not keeping christmas

Keeping to a budget when you’re not keeping Christmas

This one goes out to all the readers who aren’t Christmas-keepers! Whether you’re beholden to Hanukkah, or eschew religion altogether, this time of year is expensive even without Christmas on the agenda. With a cost of living crisis on our hands, even avoiding Christmas can get costly, and we’re here with tips on how to keep those costs down.

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The biggest money mistakes characters make in love actually

The biggest money mistakes characters make in Love Actually

It’s 2022 and you think you’ve read every possible take on Richard Curtis’ 2003 Christmas staple, Love Actually. Currently streaming on Stan and Binge, Love Actually has long been the centre of cultural discourse: Is Love Actually actually bad? Is Love Actually good? Does Love Actually hold up 20 years later? At Mozo, we’re only interested in one thing: the cold, hard cash of it all.

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Can santa insure his reindeer

Can Santa insure his reindeer?

Good ol’ St. Nicholas is a responsible pet owner. Not only does he want to give his reindeer pet insurance for Christmas, but he wants to get them the best coverage possible for the best price. T’is the season, after all.

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Australia s best pet insurance

Australia’s best pet insurance

There’s no doubt that those of us who own a furry friend love them like part of the family, but unfortunately love isn’t always enough when it comes to caring for our pets. Putting aside the costs for food and grooming, pet owners should also consider getting pet insurance for their four-legged friends.

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7 banking buzzwords to look out for in 2023

The banking sector is a constantly evolving area with an ever-changing landscape of buzzwords and jargon. Technology and climate change continue to disrupt the traditional way of doing things and it can make you feel like you’re reading another language.

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