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October 2021

Do i need a deposit to get a car loan

Do I need a deposit to get a car loan?

Unlike home loans, you don’t always need to have a deposit for a car loan. However, if you do put down a deposit it may help your approval process and lower your repayments.

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Customer owned banks shine in low rate credit card awards

Customer owned banks shine in low rate credit card awards

The results of the 2021 Mozo Experts Choice Awards for Credit Cards^ are in and they show customer owned banks excelling when it comes to low rate credit cards. Mutual banks and credit unions made up seven of the ten winners in the best Low Rate Credit Card award category.

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Australia finally has climate change plans net zero by 2050

Australia finally has climate change plans: Net-zero by 2050

After long being criticised on the world stage for a lack of appropriate climate planning, Australia has finally unveiled a plan to reach net-zero emissions by 2050. The government insists that the roadmap to net-zero will not focus on taxes, but rather large investments in renewable energy and clean technologies.

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Telstra and optus seeing record 5g speeds

Telstra and Optus seeing record 5G speeds

Telstra and Optus have seen 5G broadband speeds reaching upwards of 5Gbps in testing of millimitre-wave (mmWave) portions of their networks. The mmWave 5G, which relies on a different spectrum of frequency bands than traditional 5G, has begun to roll out in certain areas around Australia.

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Cba and ing join mortgage rate cut rush

CBA and ING join mortgage rate cut rush

Two of Australia’s largest lenders, Commonwealth Bank and ING, have joined the growing list of lenders which have recently reduced variable home loan rates after announcing cuts last Friday.

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Electric vehicle council calls on aus government for emissions policy

Electric Vehicle Council calls on Aus government for emissions policy

Australia’s Electric Vehicle Council (EVC) has called on the government to enact emissions policies in line with calls from the United Nations to slash carbon output by 2030. The EVC claims a “dramatic shift” to electric vehicles will be necessary for Australia to meet the 2030 emissions target.

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Checklist buying your first car

Checklist: Buying your first car

So you finally got your driver's license and you’re ready to buy your own car. But before you start your journey of being a proud owner of your very own vehicle there are a few things you should tick off first.

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New kitchens and living rooms lockdowns boost home renovations

New kitchens and living rooms: Lockdowns boost home renovations

As anyone who has recently walked around their neighbourhood will be able to attest to, there seems to be no shortage of home renovations going on at the moment. At least, the number of utes parked in streets and scaffolding on houses would point towards that.

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Does car insurance cover flood water damage

Does car insurance cover flood water damage?

Accidental flood water damage is covered with most comprehensive car insurance policies, or at least is offered as an optional extra. That said, some insurance providers may deem driving into flood water a reckless act and as such may refuse a claim for flood water damage in some cases.

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Tv streaming in focus as a league support grows in 2021

TV streaming in focus as A-League support grows in 2021

Support for teams in Australia’s A-League soccer competition has seen an increase, research from Roy Morgan has shown, which, given recent trends, could further the growth of sports streaming services. The increase in supporters over the last year has partly been attributed to Aussies being in front of the TV during lockdowns.

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Going green here are some car options

Going green? Here are some green car options available in Australia

The environment is a major concern to a growing number of Australians. In fact, last year’s annual Ipsos Climate Change Report 2022 revealed that 83% of Aussies are concerned about climate change. With rising concern for the climate has come an international movement aiming for net carbon zero emissions, including the European Union’s roadmap to zero emissions by 2030.

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Australia s best energy plans

Australia’s Best Energy Plans in 2023

In 2023, we’ve seen the energy crisis continue. Late last year, chief executive of Alinta Energy, Jeff Dimery, warned that tariffs (the charges you pay for energy use) will increase by a minimum of 35% this year. To help combat these rising energy prices and make our energy sourcing more sustainable, the government is trying to hurry up renewable energy infrastructure.

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Nsw announces 80 billion green hydrogen plan

NSW announces $80 billion green hydrogen plan

The New South Wales government has announced a new green hydrogen plan that will offer $3 billion in incentives and look to attract over $80 billion in investments, as the state continues the push towards more renewable energy and reduced emissions.

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Meet the online lenders saving Aussies millions in 2022

Meet the online lenders saving Aussies millions in 2022

These days, Aussies have more choice than ever before when it comes to borrowing money, and as everyone searches for faster, easier ways to control their finances, digital lenders are emerging as real challengers to the big banks.

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Have you fallen for a fake online review here s how to avoid them

Have you fallen for a fake online review? Here’s how to avoid them

Customer reviews can be helpful when shopping online. In fact, a recent survey found that a staggering 96% of Australians read reviews before buying something online and a further 86% want to know what experience other people have had at a restaurant or business, before they consider visiting.

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Home loan loyalty rort costs borrowers billions

Home loan loyalty rort costs borrowers billions

It’s a commonly held belief that it pays to be loyal, but when it comes to your home loan it seems loyalty actually has us paying more. Billions of dollars more, if new analysis by online lender Athena is correct.

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Australia s best insurance of 2021

Australia’s best insurance of 2021

Insurance is a vital product, but despite its importance it is an area many people put-off properly investigating. This could be because choosing the right insurance products can often be a complicated process. It's also not the most enjoyable topic to think about. Once you've trawled through the fine print of multiple insurance options and finally picked the best insurance policy to suit you, it involves forking out cash just in case you find yourself, your belongings or your loved ones in an emergency situation. This year, close to 200 policies spanning car, home, landlord, life and pet insurance were analysed by the Mozo judges to identify the best value and best quality insurance policies on the market. We've jotted down the details of a few standout policies which have won awards in 2021 for you to compare and consider here.

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Apra introduces tougher home loan requirements

APRA introduces tougher home loan requirements

Amid rising concerns around risks in the housing market, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) has announced it will be tightening serviceability requirements, effectively making it more difficult for some borrowers to get a home loan.

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Act announces 63 million emission reduction plan as states take lead on energy

ACT announces $63 million emission reduction plan as states take lead on energy

The Australian Capital Territory has announced a $63 million investment over four years in emission reduction, as part of the 2021-22 state budget. While the country continues the clean energy transition, a number of states and territories have begun to announce their own slew of schemes and programs to support further emission reductions.

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October 2021 financial checklist

October 2021 Financial Checklist

It’s the start of October, which means we’ve officially entered the spooky season! Not to fear, your favourite Financial Checklist is here to help get you through.

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3 reasons you might use Buy Now Pay Later for your Christmas shopping

As we head into October, the jolly road to Christmas is drawing into focus. And what goes hand in hand with the holidays? Gift shopping. Whether you get your Christmas shopping in early with sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday, or you leave it to later on, now might be the time to sort out what payment method you’ll use. The key of course is making sure you don’t end up knee deep in Christmas debt, so planning early and setting a budget is always a good idea. With that in mind, one popular payment method to consider might be Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL). Mozo's 2021 Buy Now Pay Later Report found that over half of BNPL users are turning away from traditional banking options and 42% have been using BNPL for three or more years.So the question is… why might you opt for BNPL this Christmas? We’ve broken it down into three key reasons:

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