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September 2022

Optus hack can i get my drivers licence replaced

Optus hack: Can I get my driver’s licence replaced?

Driver’s licence numbers are among the most sensitive identity documents that have been leaked in the recent Optus data breach, but affected Australians will be happy to hear they might be able to get new ones at no cost.

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Are my bank accounts safe how to know if you ve been affected by the optus data breach

Are my bank accounts safe? How to know if you’ve been affected by the Optus or Medibank data breach

On 22 September 2022, Optus announced the personal data of up to 9.8 million Australian customers has been breached in a cyber attack. Since then, national banks have been on high-alert monitoring accounts for suspicious or fraudulent activity, and we've had another massive data breach with Medibank, where a reported 5.1 million customers had their details exposed.

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How are australian unit prices faring in 2022

How are Australian unit prices faring in 2022?

Australian unit values have held strong throughout the year but may be finally giving in to the market conditions that have caused house prices to tumble in recent months, according to CoreLogic.

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How is the australian dollar doing

How is the Australian dollar doing?

Whether you’re looking to travel overseas, invest in foreign stocks or buy a house overseas, it’s important to track how well the Australian dollar is doing.

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Top concerns revealed for seniors travelling abroad

Top concerns revealed for seniors travelling abroad

Nearly three-quarters (74%) of Aussies over 50 are planning their next holiday, but the latest Travel Trends Report, commissioned by Australian Seniors, shines a light on the emerging concerns our ‘golden oldies’ have.

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How high will mortgage rates go

How high will mortgage rates go in 2023?

The nation’s borrowers are feeling the pinch as the Reserve Bank’s war against inflation translates to higher home loan rates. But just how high are rates — and your mortgage repayments — expected to go?

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How to cope with rising home loan rates

How to deal with rising home loan rates in 2023

For several years, borrowers enjoyed enjoyed historically low mortgage rates. But a series of steep interest rate increases by the Reserve Bank of Australia beginning last year now has us looking at a much different picture.

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3 Ways to bust debt before 2023

As we head into the back end of the year, debt can start to feel like a heavy burden. With personal loans on the rise, growing numbers of Australians owe money.

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Cost of living blunders

Cost of living blunders that could be costing you thousands

The rising cost of living is getting hard to ignore, with everything from groceries to petrol hitting our hip pockets harder. Sure skipping your morning caffeine hit or cancelling your gym membership could help you spend less, but cutting out the things you love shouldn’t be your first point of call.

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10 tips to help you save money on grocery bills

2022 hit us Aussies hard. With the worst of COVID-19 behind us (we hope), devastating flooding and the cost of living on the rise, it’s fair to say we’ve been through a lot this past year. But with the price of everything going up, one thing we can’t sacrifice are groceries, and boy have they spiked in price!So just how does one spend less money on groceries? Well, there’s no sure-fire way to bring down the cost of groceries, but there are several tactics you can use to reduce what you pay at the checkout when shopping for the food and staples your family needs.If you’re looking for a way to make your money go further and find the cheapest groceries around, then check out our 10 tips for spending less at the supermarket.

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