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October 2022

Mario rabbids sparks of hope and 10 other gift worthy games

Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope and 10 other gift worthy games

Mario is making headlines left and right (up, down and over the top). First, with the new Super Mario animated movie, where Chris Pratt voices him and Jack Black is Bowser. Now Mario wields space pistols to help his Rabbids friends reclaim the Mushroom Kingdom in Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope.

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Sydney property prices down 10 since february

Sydney property prices down 10% since February

Six consecutive months of interest rate hikes have taken a heavy toll on the Australian property market, with Sydney home values falling by 10.1% — the equivalent of $116,500 — since hitting their peak in February this year.

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Christmas and holiday gift ideas featuring mozo peoples choice winners

Christmas gifts for everyone, even that one person

Shopping for the holidays? Coming up with the best Christmas gifts for mum, dad, friends, siblings, coworkers, and everyone in between – even that one person – can be a headache. But instead of reaching for the Panadol, let’s get the inspiration flowing.

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10 amazing New Zealand holiday ideas

Heck yes! After years of strict border rules, the iconic north and south islands for Aotearoa New Zealand are open for business! So in the name of mountains, Gandalf, mountains, here are some top ideas for your next kiwi holiday.

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The best car brands and online auto accessory retailers

The Best Car Brands and Online Auto Accessory Retailers in 2022

Australia is a country of drivers. We drive to work, to see our friends, and even do the occasional road trip. So, it’s only natural that we Aussies seek out the best car brands and best online auto accessory retailers to help make our daily drives as smooth as freshly laid asphalt.

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Household budgets are shrinking but personal loans are on the rise

Household budgets are shrinking but personal loans are on the rise

The latest reports from Commonwealth Bank reveal that household spending is declining month on month, with Aussies starting to feel the impact of rate rises on their everyday budgets. This could be one of the many reasons we’re seeing an increase in personal loan commitments, with a 9.5% increase seen in the most recent statistics from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

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What is the mozo content team watching in october

What is the Mozo Content Team watching in October?

It can be hard to sort through the masses of content on all of the streaming platforms to find a new show or movie to watch. That’s where we come in, the Mozo Content Team! Here is the lowdown on what we are all currently watching to give some inspiration next time you’re looking for a new bingeing obsession!

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The credit cards offering major cashback right now

The credit cards offering major cashback right now

Found yourself reaching for your credit card a little bit more often recently? The rising cost of living has put strain on all of us, with new July 1 changes adding extra costs to energy bills and phone plans. While balancing costs can be a challenge, it’s always nice to get a bit of a reward back in your pocket.

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October home loan snapshot interest rates continue to increase

October home loan snapshot: Interest rates continue to increase

The Reserve Bank of Australia has lifted interest rates at a rapid pace this year, most recently by 0.25% at its October meeting. Economists at all four major banks expect the tightening cycle to continue as the central bank ramps up its efforts to tame inflation.

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