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March 2023

Will the rba hike the cash rate in april 2023 cba anz nab and westpac home loan predictions

Will the RBA hike the cash rate in April 2023? CBA, ANZ, NAB, and Westpac home loan predictions

It’s been nearly one year since the Reserve Bank of Australia began raising the cash rate to curb inflation, taking us from 0.10% in May 2022 to 3.60% in March 2023. Many economists agree we’re approaching the end of this tightening cycle, as the economy has shown signs of contraction. But has the RBA gone far enough in its crusade to slow the economy?

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Red flags that make home loan lenders nervous

Red flags that make home loan lenders nervous

When applying for a home loan, making a good impression is essential. Lenders want to invest in borrowers who are safe bets, meaning they have financial stability, good credit, and a clear idea of what they can afford to buy.

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How to watch eurovision in australia in 2023

How to watch Eurovision in Australia in 2023

Can’t wait to get in on all the global action with Eurovision in Liverpool this year? Read on to find out more information on when the 67th annual Eurovision Song Contest is, how you can watch it in Australia, when you can vote, and what you’ll want to watch out for.

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Weirdest things your car insurance will and won t cover

Weirdest things your car insurance will and won't cover

A lot can happen when you’re on the road, so car insurance providers must cover all their bases when writing the product disclosure statement (PDS). Fortunately for us, this means PDS is also littered with delightfully strange easter eggs.

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Qantas business money takes on banks in global payments

Qantas Business Money takes on banks in global payments

A familiar name has stepped in to disrupt the world of business payments and international money transfers. So if you want to save on global business transactions and earn Qantas Points along the way, Qantas Business Money could be the right choice for your business.

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Three strategies to get into the property market

Three strategies to get into the property market

Saving up to buy property in today’s market can be an uphill battle. Australian homes are already some of the most expensive in the world, and when you factor in rising interest rates, it can feel like there’s no end to the challenges first home buyers face.

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Family finances

5 Ways to celebrate Easter on a budget

With Easter approaching, it’s easy to rack up a pretty major bill while you figure out ways to keep the whole family entertained. The rising cost of living can make your go-to celebrations that little bit more expensive.

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Top chess sponsored brokers

Top CHESS-sponsored brokers in 2024

While custodial model platforms – which typically hold shares on your behalf – can help reduce the financial barrier to entry for new share traders, some prefer the added security of CHESS-sponsored shares held under their own HIN.

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Renter s catch 22

Catch-22 of Aussie property rentals right now

Renters, don’t worry! Your landlord may be increasing your rent to record highs, but good news: they’re also not investing in new properties because it’s too expensive, so you have nowhere cheaper to move to!

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Who owns your favourite small bank it might be one of the big 4

Who owns your favourite small bank? It might be one of the big 4

When it comes to the Aussie banking scene, the Big 4 banks (Westpac, CommBank, NAB, and ANZ) dominate the market. Naturally, some people are more inclined to try smaller players in the hope they’ll get something a bit different. For example, some may seek more personalised services or better rates for savings accounts or home loans.

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Aussies gearing up to travel despite cost of living

Aussies gearing up to travel despite cost of living

As more Australians look to take to the skies in 2023, new research from Southern Cross Travel Insurance (SCTI) reveals Aussie travel plans are being impacted by the rising cost of living – including the decision by some to jettison their travel insurance.

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Judo takes down competition with leading term deposit rates

Judo takes down competition with leading term deposit rates

Rising interest rates have had at least one positive side effect: term deposit rates are looking better and better. And if you are looking for a secure place to stash your money for the short or long term, there’s one bank leading the pack on rates.

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Can i use ai to plan my finances

Can I use AI to plan my finances?

Since OpenAI released the current version of ChatGPT to the public, people have been prompting it to generate all sorts of content – I asked ChatGPT to plan my Europe trip.

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6 mistakes to avoid when refinancing your home loan

With what seems like an endless amount of RBA rate rises, it’s little wonder more Aussies than ever are choosing to refinance their mortgages for a better deal. But when making the educated decision to change lenders, there are a few things borrowers should consider before making the switch.While it’s true; refinancing can be a great way to save money on repayments and reduce the overall cost over the life of your loan, there are still common mistakes borrowers make when navigating the home loan market. So if you think you’re ready to refinance, consider these 6 things, before signing on the dotted line.

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How to watch formula 1 in australia

Formula 1 2023: How to watch in Australia

Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines! It’s nearly time for the racing event of the year to begin. Yep, that’s right. The 2023 Formula One season kicks off this weekend with the Bahrain Grand Prix.

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Loans com au to offer used car loans for private sales to offer used car loans for private sales

Often the best car for you isn’t one that comes from a dealership, but one you find via a private sale. Taking out a car loan for a private sale can be complicated, as many lenders will only offer loans on dealer sales for their used car loans, or will require extensive checks to ensure a vehicle is in suitable condition.

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Rba cash rate hikes a winner for term deposit holders

RBA cash rate hikes a winner for term deposit holders

With interest rates the highest they've been since 2012, term deposits are back with a roar and proving to be one of the easiest and most secure ways for Aussies to get a decent return on their money.  Yet a large proportion of people (48%) have never heard of them, or if they have, ever considered getting one.A recent Mozo survey* found that only 7% of people are currently a term deposit customer despite the fact that interest rates on term deposits can be almost 4 times higher than the average ongoing non-conditional rate of a savings account, which is currently sitting at a miserly 1.30%^.Peter Marshall, Mozo’s banking expert, says that the idea that term deposits are an outdated savings option is completely false. He points out that many term deposits are less restrictive than high interest savings accounts, are easy to set up and manage 100% online and can be fine-tuned to meet your savings goals.“One of the biggest added benefits of a term deposit is that you are guaranteed a fixed rate of return,” he said. “Savings account rates are variable and while this can work in your favour, there are often a lot of hoops to jump through if you want to get the maximum rate and this isn’t always easy. ” So if you are considering where to park your cash, it might be a good time to reconsider taking out a term deposit. Here are the Mozo money editor’s top picks for this month.

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March 2023 financial checklist

March 2023 Financial Checklist

It’s officially March, folks. And boy, is it a busy one! With a new season, St Patty’s Day, International Women’s Day and more – your face financial checklist is here to prepare you for what’s in store!

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Can i save money with a prepaid phone plan

Can I save money with a prepaid phone plan?

Counting out your minutes so you don’t run out, deciding whether it was worth using your very limited internet to look up the name of that actor whose name no one can remember…do you ever find yourself nostalgic for the days of the prepaid mobile phone plan?

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Australia s best travel insurance for 2023

Australia’s best travel insurance for 2024

With international travel back on the agenda, so too is the search for top value travel insurance. The pandemic is still top of mind and finding a policy that has cover for possible hospitalisation as well as cancellations should you contract Covid is crucial. Mozo’s experts analysed 81 policies from 37 insurance companies to uncover the very best for the 2024 Mozo Experts Choice Awards.  Only plans that offered cover for medical expenses resulting from Covid-19 in their cover were considered.“It is so exciting for Australians to be travelling again and when you consider the cost of travel insurance, it really is a small price to pay for peace of mind,” Mozo Expert Judge Peter Marshall says.So, if you’re looking to travel internationally in 2024, check out the major winner in this year’s awards, World2Cover, along with our Editor's Picks for this month….

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