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July 2022

What kind of property could you afford if you were on netflix stranger things

Stranger Things: Take the Hawkins property affordability test

So you’re thinking of moving to Hawkins, Indiana. Welcome to Hell – er, we mean the most exciting town in all of Middle America! With local charm, a wide variety of nostalgic properties to choose from, and definitely no demogorgons, there’s something for everyone and every budget in this perfect midwestern slice.

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8 tips to make your household budget go further

With interest rates on the rise, the inflation of food, petrol and services also trending upwards, and the average paycheck finding it hard to keep up with these rising costs, most of us are sharply focused on how we spend our money.While it's hard to quickly increase your income, reducing your outgoings can be easier than you think by making smarter choices that could stretch your budget out further. Even small savings can quickly add up and make a big difference to your family’s budget.So if you’ve got money on your mind and are looking for some easy ways to spend less on your household expenses without making any radical changes, read through our 8 tips to help your budget go the extra mile.

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What is a recession and how can you prepare

What is a recession, and how can you prepare?

Australians have been copping it from all angles. Between soaring inflation, supply chain chaos, and a central bank determined on an absurdly aggressive round of rate hikes, living costs have mushroomed in the last year. Now, economists warn another threat may loom on the horizon: recession.

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How has the cash rate affected business savings accounts

How has the cash rate affected business savings accounts?

Since the RBA rate hike in May, quite a number of financial institutions have increased savings account rates, including for business savers. In fact, Mozo’s database recorded an increase by 25 of the 49 business savings accounts we track during this time period.

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How aussie attitudes on cost of living compare to the rest of the world

How do Aussie attitudes on cost of living compare to the rest of the world?

As Aussies, it’s easy to forget that we’re living on a little island disconnected from the rest of the world. With the cost of living continuing to climb, and rising rates adding pressure on homeowners (all while home ownership feels like a distant fantasy for others), you’d be forgiven for feeling a little less than optimistic about the financial future.

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How to start a christmas sinking fund and save

How to start a Christmas sinking fund and save!

Before complaining about a Christmas piece in July, hear me out. Money doesn’t grow on Christmas trees, right? Expenses are everywhere, and with the rising cost of living it's better to start ‘sleighing’ your Christmas savings goals early.

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What is click frenzy when does it start and how can i save

Click Frenzy - The Main Event 2023: Best deals

Get ready, folks. Click Frenzy’s biggest sale event of the year is here! Click Frenzy The Main Event will run from 7pm (AEST) on Tuesday, the 24th of October 2023, until midnight, Thursday, the 26th.

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Home insurance providers that reward your good adulting

Home insurance providers who reward good adulting

Adult life seems to be 90% maintenance. Whether it’s keeping up with bills or household care, it’d be nice if someone rewarded – or even noticed – our efforts from time to time. Luckily, some home insurance providers absolutely do.

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5 savings accounts worth considering as interest rates go up

If you’re like me–a renter not looking to own any time soon–seeing home loan rates increase doesn’t seem that big of a deal. But recent RBA hikes - pushing the official rate up to 1.85% - can also positively affect savings accounts, which is always a big plus!

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Cheap car insurance

Cheap car insurance

Australia is a country of drivers. We drive to work, we drive to the shops, we go on weekend road trips, and to go see our friends. Our cars are important to us, and plenty of people drive every single day. So, when something goes wrong with our cars (like getting in an accident) it can be a real pain in the bumper – not to mention expensive to fix. Hence why it’s useful, if not financially responsible, to have car insurance.

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Energy prices are expensive but why let s recap

Energy prices are expensive but why? Let’s recap

Yes, there’s an energy crisis in Australia at the moment and most households have the bills to prove it! But what’s behind it? There are multiple reasons as to why the price of energy is going up, and so with the help of CommBank’s latest research, let’s recap.

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Fixed home loan rates have doubled in the last year

Fixed home loan rates have doubled in the last year

The Reserve Bank of Australia has been quite busy in recent months, delivering three consecutive interest rate hikes totalling 125 basis points. But anyone eyeing fixed rates in the hopes of safeguarding their finances may find they’ve already missed the boat.

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25 odd and easy hacks for saving money

So you want to save more money but are short on ideas? Well, I’m here to give you 25 very different, perhaps even odd ways to save money with the help of Mozo’s content team.

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