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January 2024

Electric vehicles coming to australia

Electric vehicles coming to Australia in 2024

Considering switching to an electric vehicle in 2024? In Australia, we’re seeing an increasing number of electric and hybrid cars on the roads. So if you thought that Tesla was your only option, think again.

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Cyclone kirrily emergency resources qld

Cyclone Kirrily: Your comprehensive list of emergency resources

With Cyclone Kirrily on track to hit Queensland this week, residents are bracing for another major weather event, all too soon after being battered by Cyclone Jasper. Strong winds and widespread flooding are among the expected threats, prompting cautious preparations across the state.

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Pet spending trends and insurance benefits

The cost of pets: when your furry friend outranks the grandkids

Who needs toys for the grandkids when you can splurge on designer collars and gourmet treats for your four-legged companions? According to a fascinating study by insurance house Australian Seniors, 28% of Aussie pet parents over 50 have made a surprising admission: they're spending more on their pets than on their own kids and grandkids.

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Super funds thrive amid market challenges

A share rally in the final quarter of the 2023 calendar year helped propel Australian superannuation funds to notable year-end gains, with the median Balanced and Growth options delivering impressive returns of 9.6% and 11.0%, respectively.

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Why its time to switch savings account

Why it's time to switch savings account

Switching savings accounts can be a strategic move in personal finance management. The decision to switch should be based on several factors that align with your financial goals and changing economic environment.

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Best side hustles to bring home more money in 2024

Best side hustles to bring home more money in 2024

In today's inflation-driven, expensive world, many Australians are finding that their primary income may not be enough to cover all their bills, let alone have a little spare coin for the fun things in life. That's where a side hustle could step in to make the everyday a little easier and the fun things attainable.

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Why switch home loans in 2024

Why 2024 is the year to switch home loans

For many Australians, repaying a home loan is one of the most expensive yet important things they do. For first-home buyers, a mortgage invests in their future and housing security. For investors, it’s a nest egg and income stream.

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10 expert tips for buying your first home in 2024

Whether you’re at the stage of working out how much you can afford or you’re ready to compare home loans, it never hurts to have some expert tips at your disposal – especially if you’re unsure about how to buy your first home.

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2024 home insurance in Australia: trends and predictions

Heading into 2024, the home insurance market in Australia is undergoing some exciting changes. This year brings a blend of technological innovation and a stronger focus on climate resilience, reshaping the way Australians protect their homes.

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Car insurance innovators 2024

Car insurance innovators to watch in 2024

2024 is shaping up to be a fascinating year for car insurance, with different players using different strategies to capture the attention of drivers across Australia. What strategy will win out?

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2024 Car Insurance in Australia: Trends and Predictions

As we cruise into 2024, the Australian car insurance landscape is shifting gears, driven by technological innovation and always-evolving consumer needs. So hop into the passenger seat as we take you on a journey though some of the major car insurance trends we expect to see in 2024!

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What will home loan interest rates do in 2024

What will home loan interest rates do in 2024?

The last two years have been chaotic ones for home loan interest rates. Between May 2022 and November 2023, the official cash rate jumped a staggering 4.25%, bringing average home loan rates up by almost the same amount in the Mozo database.

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